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Zac Efron

What I Want You To Believe

About My Broken Jaw

12/24/2013 7:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking jaw

Zac Efron
has taken a page out of Alec Baldwin's playbook ... when something bad happens, turn it into a joke and people will laugh.

That's exactly what Zac is doing -- without saying a word in a new video that makes fun of how he broke his jaw last month.

As TMZ previously reported ... Zac claims he slipped in a puddle of water at his Hollywood Hills home.  His jaw broke and he gashed his face. 

As you know .... Zac has been to rehab twice this year for cocaine abuse.

Take a look at the video.  Kudos to Zac's PR team.  It works almost every time.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

So perhaps you leave him alone so he can work on his sobriety.
Nah, you people will hound him until he OD's, then you put up hundreds of stories saying "I told you so".
'cause that's the way that people with no conscience roll.

303 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

Hey, we all enjoy chomping down on a steel coated **** from time to time..'.oops!...wait, nevermind!

303 days ago


crack is wack

303 days ago


Props where? Personal thought here, this is absolutely AWKWARDLY LAME, bad pr all around, the laughing at yourself here was mainly a move to create the buzz, and as badly as it is, it also is pretty stupid, it doesn't play this way, not when crack is involved, but since he has always been a liar and likes to play the good guy, is not a shock to see him trying to get fans back

303 days ago


He's hawt!!! :)

303 days ago


TMZ only put this innuendo out, because he is a white hetro guy. Anything else and it doesn't happen.

303 days ago


If he broke his jaw during sex, then he's doing it wrong.

303 days ago


Hey TMZ, Do you have proof that he broke his jaw any other way besides falling??? All TMZ says with this story is "he's been to rehab twice for cocaine addiction" so he must be lying about how the jaw was broken. If you know how the jaw was broken then say so don't just re-hash,re-hash,re-hash the same speculation. It really seems like TMZ is trying to equate "If you do cocaine you're going to end up with a broken jaw"

303 days ago


Am I the only one who thought that was amusing?

303 days ago

Black Adam    

Publicity stunt just like when Owen Wilson tried to kill himself, to promote that stupid Darjeeling limited. Something always happens to people when they have something coming out.

303 days ago


Excuse me jealous ppl of Zac's beauty... This was funny and actually great. Secondly, its impossible for Zac to break his jaw from sucking a big **** because 1st NEWSFLASH ZACS NOT GAY, and the dick would have to be wide to break his jaw not long, duh! Sounds like haters of his are sexually frustrated, ew! Get a life!

303 days ago


what a stupid and pointless ____________
no one cares, Really.!!

303 days ago


Actually the video is rather good! Now those fans (and lechers) who are interested can buy into Zac's ORIGINAL version of what happened (he fell) ~ [which was probably the truth], or they may believe a story that looks like it was written by an intern for any scandal mag (a chick he couldn't sexually satisfy hit him). Now you get your CHOICE. It also exposed that Zac and his PR team have one helluva sense of humor, which is really nice to know, because some stars take themselves way too seriously.

303 days ago


Stop trying to make a big deal about his jaw TMZ. Nobody gives a flying **** about Zac efrons jaw

303 days ago


does anyone for a minute think he is a straight guy, please. isn't he another Disney disaster?

302 days ago
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