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Beyonce 'Trivialized' Deaths of Challenger Crew

1/1/2014 6:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


got off easy with NASA ... rather than saying she blatantly exploited the deaths of the Challenger astronauts, the space agency essentially said she dishonored the memories of the crew.

As you know ... Beyonce's song, "XO" begins with sound from mission control in 1986 ... as they react to the spaceship blowing up and the 7 crew members careening to the ground.

NASA 's response ... "The Challenger accident is an important part of our history; a tragic reminder that space exploration is risky and should never be trivialized."

Beyonce came out with a bizarre, hollow justification ... "The song 'XO' was recorded with the sincerest intention to help heal those who have lost loved ones to remind us that unexpected things happen ..."

It's not exactly that there was suddenly a burning need to help the families cope with the deaths that are almost 2 decades old. 

Could it be that Beyonce just knows good drama when she sees it?


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The alternate title for the song was "Roger, go at throttle up" -- nice going Bey!!

274 days ago


Not surpise. The only thing this chick cares about is self promotion & fame. She is selfish & narcissistic...even when she seems to be doing something positive there is never real warmth or sincerity...ole phony baloney cant stand her!

274 days ago


Again...why is this talentless individual famous??..this woman can't sing...are people really stupid?..are u all hypnotized??..keri hilson and faith Evan has beautiful why is Beyonce who has zero talent so sucsessful??.....and she can't even dance...shakes her shoulder up and down and spins her head round and round whines her waiste and thrust her embarrasing to watched

274 days ago


At least she didn't use the recordings of the astronauts on the way down.

274 days ago


She actually looks like 30 something in the above pic....make up really perform miracles

274 days ago


And she need to stop taking fashion tips from riri......copying riri's fashion

274 days ago


Tacky, shameless, screeching Beyawnce proves once again she sold her soul to the devil

274 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

She's pretty masterful at publicity. I was listening to the news on my way to work the other day and this was a discussion. This is all free press for her. I say well done. It's probobly making her millions. And the rich get richer....sigh

274 days ago


Her song is a disgusting bid for publicity--any kind. Does anyone remember when LISTENING to music by talented people was fun? Watching undressed amateurs with sub-standard material not so much.

274 days ago


Oh please this is so phoney on multiple levels. Of COURSE this singers 'people' knew this would attract attention, and of COURSE they have a preplanned apology ready and waiting when media attention reaches critical mass. Perhaps the saddest part is that TMZ knows this and more, yet they're quite happy to propagate the lame PR spin, so what we have here is compound media lameness.

274 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Hey TMZ writer, you don't count so good! 1986 was almost 3 decades ago not 2!

274 days ago


Someone make a song of the test tube baby she couldn't carry without miscarrying falling out of her

Next up Beyawnce & Slave-Z samples Hurricane Katrina

274 days ago


Yup u guys are correct...anything to keep herself in the news...she knew it would be controversial to include this subject in her song......she knew it would be in the news....this is y she don't groom gher daughhter's people would keep talking about it

274 days ago


What an ignorant ass!!! She will do anything to promote herself and has taken insensitive and stupid to a new level. Hope her fans will smarten up and move on!!!!

274 days ago


" the 7 crew members careening to the ground"

They Fell Ten Miles Off Shore Into The Ocean!

Dumb Ass TMZ Gays.

274 days ago
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