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Ludacris' Baby Mama

You Treat Our Kid Worse Than a Dog

1/3/2014 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

would rather spend his money on Kibbles 'n Bits than his newborn daughter ... so claims the rapper's baby mama.

Tamika Fuller just filed docs in her paternity battle with Luda -- responding to the rapper's bid to put a $1700 cap on his child support obligations.

Tamika grouses ... Luda has millions of bucks -- an impressive $80 mil between 2006 and 2012 --  and spends roughly $7,000 a month on lawn care and $5,000 a month on his pets.

So Tamika's calling BS and wants Ludacris to pay ALL of her lawyer's fees so she can afford to hire an attorney who will take him to the cleaners in court.



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Luda may have made a mistake dealing with the gold digger but he isn't stupid with his money. He has the best money advisers you can have and you can also guarantee he had one of the best lawyers in Atlanta draw up those support papers. He didn't go online and use Legal Zoom. All she had to do was go to him and agree to co-parent without getting the courts involved. She was about the money as soon as the stick had that smiley face. Because of this, she is getting what she deserves. Of course the baby isn't going to go without; however, Tamika won't be able to buy a new Birkin bag every month with the child support money.

256 days ago


Black men refuse to use condoms. Then when the kids get here they dont wanna take care of them. Sad

256 days ago


$1700 is not a lot especially considering that father has millions. I live in Georgia and this won't cover childcare.....He got lawyered up quick....she is probably not earning a whole lot so he's probably thinking she'll settle for this amount. Georgia has an $8,000 cap for child-support. Yep, the rich republicans have everything on lock.

256 days ago


Maybe next time he will use a condom

256 days ago


Hey Luda, what's tomorrow? It's Saturday oh ohhhh. And your Jewish manager told you no hood rats. Come on Luda, now she is disturbing your peace.

256 days ago


Has any of these morons heard of condoms? Why the hell do they keep knocking uup random women and they wend up with bastardized kids scattered all over th wworld.

256 days ago


Damn his pets get more then his own flesh and blood that's cold is ridiculous. DEAD BEAT DAD

256 days ago


I agree there should be a starting cap because these chicks try to say they need 20 grand a month for enfamil, diapers and baby shoes. Its child support, not support her mom her dad her sister and her boyfriend. Maybe 1700 might be low for a man of his means but anything over 5 grand is excessive for a new born.

256 days ago


journalism 101, if there are not " " around a phrase that somebody is claimed to have said, then that means that person didn't actually say that. The baby momma probably just pointed out how much he spends on other stuff and this site made up the headlines to draw traffic.

256 days ago


You can see Luda's baby mama Tamika Fuller here

256 days ago


i betcha that $5 condom is looking reallllll good right now, eh?
rich men must be retarded, you'd think they'd learn by now....

256 days ago


This woman needs to try to get as much money as she can get from him through the couts because u never know...these black guys end up bankrupt after a while.......I hope she gets 10 thousand a month in child support

256 days ago


He definitely met her in the club. A dark azz club.

256 days ago


If I had a baby by a rapper, he could look forward to being taken to the cleaners My child would be wanting for absolutely nothing. A good lawyer is needed for a big payday. Somebody just hit the luddary! Will she take the lump sum or 18 year payout?

256 days ago


Can we please retire the term "baby mama" as it is grammatically incorrect. Ugh. Stupidity breeding stupidity....

256 days ago
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