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Rose McGowan

I WITNESSED a Knockout Game Attack

... In L.A.

1/3/2014 8:19 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Rose McGowan says she personally witnessed a knockout game attack in L.A. yesterday ... when a  masked "evil guy" punched an unsuspecting 65-year-old man and then took off.

McGowan described the incident on Twitter ... saying she was walking around Venice, CA when things got violent.

"I just witnessed a 65 year old man get punched by an evil guy playing that goddamn knockout game. #criminal #heartbroken #whattheF?!"

Rose says the attacker was wearing a mask and riding a skateboard ... and while she tried to chase after the bad guy, he was just too fast and got away.

McGowan said the victim was bleeding from the ear, so she called an ambulance for him.

Rose says the victim had a little dog with him at the time that tried to protect him, but couldn't fend off the attacker.

So far, no word on the identity of the attacker or the victim.

Story developing ...


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Where is George Zimmerman when you need him?

291 days ago


The more people keep blaming one race for this issue the more the issue will go unresolved. Contrary to what some of you believe this horrible act, not a game, is done by every race (except maybe Asian) white, black, Latino, etc. Personally I've seen more reports of white people doing it that black people but for some reason a marginal few seem to only want to focus on blacks, which is discrimination. Stop stereotyping and entire race for the deranged acts committed by a marginal few and actually concentrate on convincing our govt officials to actually pay more attention and be vigilant in enforcing already in place assault laws. Seriously sometimes I'm ashamed to be an American because there are so many closed minded individuals.

291 days ago


Thanks to Obama and the other "Race baiters", I'm now a legal concealed weapon carrying person. The sad part is these idiots have turned me from being very open minded racially to the point I even dated outside my race more than once to a person that will have my finger on the trigger anytime a black person comes up to me quickly. I'm ashamed of myself but I have a very strong will to live. I also would NEVER convict any white person from "fearing for their life" if a black person looked menacing. I know, I'm disgusting but these s*** like Obama have caused all of this for not taking a public stand against it.

291 days ago


It's called assault, not a game

291 days ago


This is how stupid people are; now that she put a name to an activity no one even heard of, copy cat punks will likely follow. 'Im Rose, I'm in the know' instead of 'an idiot just punched an older man'.

290 days ago


I'm glad a celebrity is bringing attention to this bull****. Someone needs to stop this and we sure know it won't be the cops.

290 days ago


Who is Rose McGowan???? Why did she go to TMZ about a crime.. Sounds like she needs media attention

290 days ago


Rose is awesome. Good on her for helping him. I'm really sick of reading/hearing about this 'knockout game' b.s., though. It isn't a game; it's a crime & these morons commiting said crime need to be put down.

290 days ago

Albert Christensen    

Bring back Public execution for any one caught playing the Knock out Game.Then we can call it the End Game!!!

290 days ago

Gary Walker    

Something doesn't ring true with this story How does she know he was 65 years old and why didn't she call 911 instead of Tweeting about it?

C'mon Rose. Really?

290 days ago


It IS a black game fool!!!! Watch the NEWS!!! I'm glad I live in Sanford where George lives! Stand your ground for sure!!!

290 days ago

Pure Evil    

Elmer's glue tastes like glue.

290 days ago


This is a classic thuggin/mugging. F*ck calling this the "knockout game."

290 days ago


Only a total Coward attacks someone unable to fight back,....these are people too afraid to fight, so they attack the old and the weak,.....these are the s*** of our society.

290 days ago


try to do that with my grandparents and you will not see the light of day

289 days ago
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