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Y & R's Michael Muhney

Fired For Allegedly

Groping Co-Star's Breasts

1/4/2014 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0103-michael-muhney-Hunter-King-tmzMichael Muhney, a big soap star who played Adam Newman on "The Young & the Restless" -- was fired last month after one of his co-stars complained to the brass that he grabbed her boobs -- on 2 occasions ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to the show tell TMZ ... 38-year-old Muhney allegedly bullied and harassed 20-year-old Hunter King, who plays Summer on the show.  She went to higher-ups and complained recently Muhney had fondled her breasts on 2 occasions -- and she said both were unsolicited and unwanted.

Sources tell us ... the new allegations were the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back."  Muhney -- who is married with 3 kids -- had been a problem on the set for a long time, allegedly bullying and harassing Hunter and others.  He even admitted in a recent interview with HuffPo's Canada TV after getting fired, "Sometimes I've walked around with a big backpack of hubris."
Muhney's last show will air January 30th.

Muhney has been an extremely popular character on the show, and fans are threatening to stop watching. 

Calls and emails to Muhney's rep were not returned.


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U are either stupid or simple if you adhere to the belief that the way a woman dresses is an invitation for a man to do as.he pleases with her. And for a fellow woman to think that, I just find it sad and uneducated of them. I wonder how much HHK had to endure before she spoke up. It happened to me years ago when I was.hit upon by management at a major retailer where I worked. I finally spoke up. I learned yrs later just how bad he was as he kept getting moved from store to store, before finally being fired.

289 days ago


Sexual harassment is a very serious subject and being accused of this "CRIME" can result in some very severe penalties. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it is a criminal act. Additionally, Government Code section 12940, subdivision (k), requires an entity to take "all reasonable steps to prevent harassment from occurring." If an employer has failed to take such preventative measures, that employer can be held liable for the harassment. DID CBS TAKE REASONABLE STEPS TO PREVENT HARASSING? DID THEY HAVE A PROGRAM IN PLACE TO PREVENT HARASSMENT? IF THE ANSWER IS NO, THEN ACCORDING TO THE LAW CBS MAY BE LIABLE! AND NOW LEAKING INFORMATION TO THE PRESS VIA TMZ? NOT LOOKING GOOD.

289 days ago

L Wright    

I agree with Majestik. I've been watching for years. It will eventually lead back to the $. King will now be seen by some of her peers as a troublemaker and they will avoid her. As soon as her contract is up she'll be gone. She's not bringing in the $. Other networks do not want be threatened with these types of accusation. Not sure she did herself any favors.

289 days ago


iF Michael Muhney had not done that self-glorifying exit interview with Nelson Branco to try to stir up sympathy and suppot, he probably could have kept this under wraps.

But since he wanted to be arrogant one last time and act like a great man was being forced from the show, boasting that he was going to leave with "dignity" and his "head held high.. Boom. Karma got him.

He stirred up his fans who demanded reinstatement.. They contacted TMZ. But it didn't quite get the pro-Michael story they sought. Oops. #StanFAILURE

289 days ago

Mike L    

Maybe if she would have stopped sticking her tits in his face, he wouldn't have been tempted to grab them. Just sayin'.

289 days ago


People still watch soap operas? Seriously?

289 days ago


I heard Michael Muhney went on a rampage where he groped Doug Davidson's man boobs and goosed Eric Braden's saggy old ass....oops meant to say allegedly,but what the hey,let's report this without sources like TMZ does.

289 days ago


Please go Sign Petition to Remove Jill Farren Phelps:

She is ruining our Beloved Show!!!

289 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

At least he did not motorboat them.

289 days ago


Pretty interesting that they asked him to work out the rest of the week. I would be willing to bet there is way more to this story. And not for nothing, but we have heard plenty of the main men on that show are bullies. Seems to be full of them all at some time or another. Her character and her acting leave a lot to be desired and he's been there a long time, suddenly he's a groper? Yeah, there's much more to the story.

289 days ago

david 183    

Fired! Shouldn't he be arrested ..

289 days ago

Miss Red    

Sounds like a Soap Opera

289 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Who knows if he did or if he didn't? I hope not, but I can't imagine anyone would make a management decision to use that female actor to make those claims just so they could get rid of him. I remember he took over as "Adam" when the actor before him wouldn't go with kissing another man. Actually, instead of firing the actors they should fire the whole writing staff because I don't think there is one story that isn't ridiculously overdone and sophomoric. This is going to be interesting.

289 days ago


I have a hard time believing it she's not a pretty girl. I would have believed more that he groped Melody Scott.

" she said both were unsolicited and unwanted." How did he get close enough to actually fondle her breast on 2 occasions? And this sounds scripted like she knew exactly what to say. Was there any prior incidence with any other co-stars. She may just be seeking revenge for something deeper. Or he may have really done it. I just hope there was a thorough investigation considering he is one of the best actors on the show.

289 days ago

david 183    

Real junk TV.

289 days ago
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