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Evander Holyfield

Rips Gays on Big Brother UK

It's a Choice and Can Be Fixed

1/5/2014 10:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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010514-evander-holyfield-launch-3Evander Holyfield told a housemate on "UK Celebrity Big Brother" that being gay is no different than being handicapped ... because a doctor can fix both ... and was immediately SCOLDED like a child by "BB" producers.

Holyfield made the comments Sunday -- during his first week in the BB house -- when reality star Luisa Zissman asked him if there were any gay boxers in the sport.

Holyfield -- a deeply religious Christian --cited the bible and said homosexuality is NOT a choice ... but rather something like a "handicap" ... something doctors can fix.

Zissman respectfully disagreed with Evander ... and it seemed the two were ready to move on with their lives ... when Evander was taken to a private room, where producers RIPPED him for expressing his beliefs.

In fact, "BB" producers called Evander's comments "inappropriate" because they "aren't the views that are held by a large section of society."

Holyfield says he understood that his comments could be considered offensive ... but never apologizes.

This whole situation reminds us why we revolted against England ... so we could have the freedom to express our religious and other beliefs ... no matter how offensive.

As bad as Evander is .. the show is being RIDICULOUS. Didn't they they learn anything from the A&E/"Duck Dynasty" debacle??

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Vic Creed    

Who watches so called "reality "shows anyway?

289 days ago


"aren't the views that are held by a large section of society."

Actually it is but that's neither here nor there.

The s***bags who produce this garbage do so with an agenda and that's the promotion of their degenercy and perversion.

Anyway, tv shows are simply filler for the ads which is the real content as that's how they get paid.

Of course they could have baited him knowing he'd say such a thing so as to generate some attention to thier idiotic timesink of a show. Duck whatever bandwagon they want to get on.

289 days ago


The supreme court just halted gay marriage in Utah. There IS a difference of opinion on this issue in this country.

289 days ago

Pure Evil    

If I could suck my own dick, I'd only do it if I were gay. Since I'm straight I won't get my rib removed.

289 days ago


i don't understand why people are getting all worked up over this he is entitled to his opinion and doesn't deserve to be punished or cautioned.... the fck he clearly didn't offend anybody he just expressed his opinion

289 days ago


gay and lesbians couples cannot reproduce, therefore, the gene cannot be passed on, therefore YOU ARE NOT BORN GAY IT IS A CHOICE PERIOD! unbelievable how ignorant.....

289 days ago


the Supreme Court just halted gay marriage in Utah. There is a big difference of opinion on this issue in this country

289 days ago

Joe Blowe    

Aaaaawww......Harvey's offended again that someone has an opinion

289 days ago

Jericho Morton    

So they don't choose, so are afflicted against their will? Like drug addicts who 'can't stop taking drugs". They can't they are victims of their own desires. Then the rest of us have to pay for the deadly disease they spread globally, buy them other drugs to try to wean them off, care for them, feed them, maintain them of antiviral drugs as the trot around infecting others. We also have to believe that all these obese people are just 'addicted' to food, they cannot stop themselves eating five times what a human sized primate need to eat, because they just cannot deny themselves? Now we have to accept this disgusting and repellent series of deranged behaviors and pretend it is normal and okay?

289 days ago


Do bisexuals choose to be gay? What about former homosexuals who are now in hetero relationships? I do think some people are born gay, transgendered, etc. There are also some who choose to be gay because they are freaky.

289 days ago


If a white contestant started saying racially charged comments on TV, no way in HELL would anyone protect his "right to free speech". When will your backward ass country realize that what is being done to the gay community is the same as discriminating someone based on race. This is not free speech, this is HATE SPEECH.

289 days ago


US Big Brother 13 all over again!

289 days ago


no you revolted against GREAT BRITAIN because you didn't want to be taxed without representation

289 days ago


What can yu expect from a guy who gets his brains knocked out for a living?

289 days ago


it also a choice to be an *******, so why doesn't he choose to change?

289 days ago
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