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Katy Perry

Backstage Demands

Let Them Eat Rabbit Food!

1/5/2014 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katy Perry made a slew of backstage demands for her New Year's Eve concert in Vegas ...  crazier than Mary J. Blige's proviso requiring a new toilet seat for each venue.  

TMZ got hold of the deal Katy cut with Caesar's Palace  ... and her demands for backstage catering read like a farmer's market shopping list.

-fresh veggies AT ALL TIMES -- including spinach/broccoli/celery/beets/carrots/kale, etc.
-two large baskets of fruit -- one must be tropical.
-dinner must include a vegetarian option ... plus quinoa or couscous.
-ALL meals must be low-fat and health conscious and cannot contain MSG.

Katy's dressing room requirements are even more specific:

-fresh organic grown fruit (including SLICED pineapple, mango, kiwis, etc)
-fresh cut crudites (cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snap peas & celery ... plus ranch dip)
-healthy granola
-dried figs
-whole grain tortilla chips
-large bowl hummus
-fresh made guacamole

Katy also likes fermented grapes  -- 2 bottles of Pinot Grigio and 1 Argentine Malbec.

Someone needs to tell her ... wine is a gateway to the path of evil ... lined with Cheetos and pizza.



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Don't see anything wrong with wanting to eat healthy unlike the rest of this obese sloppy country

294 days ago


LOL, she's basically telling Russell..."I still love you."

294 days ago


Her requests seem reasonable. Just a bunch of fruits and vegetables. Of course it would have been nice to see her mix it up with some junk food. Maybe a Snickers bar or a bag of Doritos.

294 days ago


She used to have straight candy in her movie. This must be John Mayers demands.

294 days ago


HUH?! What were her crazy demands again?

294 days ago


I don't get it?? Are you making fun of her for eating healthy? This is about the most reasonable concert rider I've ever seen. Some of those lards in that TMZ newsroom of yours should take some tips from this list.

294 days ago


How is that crazy? All the items listed can be easily found at any grocery store or famers' market. The wine can be found at Liquor stores all over the place. This is Ceasar's Palace. They cater to high rollers. I'm sure they've seen more demanding riders . LOL LOL Her demands for her 2011 tour were outrageous, including prohibiting drivers and baggage handlers to look at or talk to her. But, a bunch of fruit and veggies? Seriously?

294 days ago



294 days ago


What an expose TMZ!!!

You, single-handedly, have raised the bar for integrity in investigative journalism.

I can't wait for your "No planes" bombshell onn 9/11.

I'm sitting on the edge of my seat!!!

294 days ago

John Galt    

The people covering the douchebags have become the douchebags. Good job TMZ for taking nothing and trying to make it a story.

294 days ago


who ever wrote " wine leads to pizza and Doritos" must've been HIgh. maybe it leads to a lamb chop, but that's not Katy. anyways i like broccoli.

294 days ago


How is this not crazy, do any of you think she eats all that. She probably eats an apple and her 8 assistants share a mango. Most goes to waste most likely. Hows that for being aware and environment friendly.

294 days ago


i dont get why tmz making a big deal. She wants to eat health i dont see nothing wrong with that

294 days ago

Unbroken Chain    

I would worry that she's wasteful with all the food she asks for, but with the crap she eats, who cares if it goes bad!!

294 days ago


There is nothing excessive or weird about those demands! She wants healthy food! When you only eat fruits and veggies you have to eat a lot of them. I would love to ask for the same! Tmz is a bunch of asses! Wine is healthy in moderation, extremely healthy and how dare they talk about Cheetos and pizza when she is obviously making very healthy choices and avoiding that crap. Why can't they just report on what she asks for? Why do they have to try and make it controversial? It's getting old, fast.

294 days ago
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