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Michael Muhney

Angry Y&R Fans Plan Aerial Attack on CBS

1/6/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0105_Michael-Muhney_tmz_compositeIt's a bird, it's a plane ... no, it's a flying banner paid for by "Young and the Restless" fans outraged at CBS for firing Michael Muhney.

Turns out a group of Y&R fanatics on Facebook pooled together $785 to pay for a banner that will soon fly over CBS Studios in Los Angeles with a message saying, "NO ADAM NEWBIE, JUST MICHAEL MUHNEY."

TMZ broke the story ... Muhney was fired last month for allegedly groping 20-year-old co-star Hunter King's breasts on 2 different occasions.  Muhney has allegedly harassed people on the set for a long time.

Y&R's plan is to retire the character and bring a new actor in to reprise the role of Adam Newman, but it's not sitting well with diehard fans.

Don't mess with soap fans.


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What is wrong with them? What he did is wrong in every way and that's what he gets for acting inappropriately! He should be fired!!

236 days ago


TMZ truth or not

236 days ago


Don't let these crazed Muhney fans give soap opera watchers a bad name. No matter what he did to that poor young girl these women would still defend him. It's quite sick. TMZ, don't give a voice to this kind of crazy.

236 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

They scream, they cry, they stomp--tomorrow they'll be back in front of the tv, eyes glued to it. These stupid little protests over soap opera actors have been going on for decades. This piece of work sounds like he deserved a firing.

236 days ago


That $785 for a banner, REALLY! That money should have been donated to something worthy, like me . . . $785 sounds nice right now to pay towards my DAMN student loans. People, what a waste!!!!
Michael Muhney is fine though!!

236 days ago


Didn't come out at the time of her death that the late Jeanne Cooper grapped, pinched and fondled the young men co stars butts. They didn't fire her??????

236 days ago


I am reading alot of "IF" he did it...but what IF he didnt??? What IF all this is trumped up trash and the man is innocentt??? You all did read the word "ALLEGEDLY" in both TMZ accusatory statements, right?? And of course you all know that this story broke after a HUGE amount of heat from MM fans was put right back on the Exec. Producer of the show JFP and it has now been reported that her 'friend' in the business who just happens to be married to a TMZ employee leaked the story and wow what a buzz it has created...taking all the heat off of her. True or not true, this unsubstantiated gossip has forever affected the two people and their families in a cruel and unnecessary devastating manner. There will always be those that believe everything they read, and others that love to jump on the band wagon of hate and sensationalize it and then there will be others, who will always support a great actor, that has brought hours of sheer joy and entertainment into our homes brilliantly playing one of the most difficult characters and dark treacherous stories lines ever written with such compassionate heart wrenching soul, that he has won over the respect and love of thousands and thousands of fans, that will always support and defend him as the best actor in the soaps today and will NOT believe all these "alleged' and 'ifs'.

236 days ago


I never really care for the guy who played Adam Newman, in fact I really don't know why they needed him at all. Although his mother was Hope on the show she was sweet and blind that she had such a bad son like Adam, I guess he takes after his father. I really don't think that you have to replace him just send him to jail on a life term that he never gets out........

236 days ago


These girls "fans" really are sad.. What is wrong with you that you would support a guy like this?? Obviously you're young/dumb and have a LOT of growing up to do!! His conduct is UNACCEPTABLE!!! Period....Only girls with low self-esteem would support this guy.. Maybe that's what the fans should work on instead!

236 days ago


Despicable ignorant people on the side of a pervert that is suppose to be happily married and has children and like to go around thinking he's untouchable. Let this happen to you or a loved one and see how you feel about it. Shameful world that encourages this behavior and to look that other way.

236 days ago


That is the kind of stupidity that give soap fans a bad name , I think MM would be much more appreciative if they donated the money to cancer research.

236 days ago


omg your popular by an hate group

236 days ago


What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty even for stars. I thought you guys believed that on the US. What if he was wrongly accused!? Every one is quick to judge and believe it or not , some women do lie.

236 days ago

Jenny Lott    

OMG people, absolutely nothing has be proven! And not a single person involved in the supposed situation has said a word. Why do people just blindly believe info and start attacking people. It's so so sad. Don't attack soap fans because they are taking a stance against CBS for their poor job managing the show… As a soap fan and a MM fan I'll wait fold REAL prove not ALLEGED sources before I throw him under the bus. Tell if this internet rumour is true why would his family come out and deny it and defend him? Food for thought. If people who are commenting on this thread actually did 3 mins of research you'd know there are solo many holes in this story it's impossible to source out the truth. Media are all competing with their supposed "sources" all saying different things. People wait for the whole story!

236 days ago


It is so sad to me that people will automatically jump to the guilty conclusion just because some gossip rag puts it in print. Do you not see the word "ALLEGEDLY"? That is a big indicator that there is NO proof that the STORY is real! It seems to me that both HHK and MM are BOTH VICTIMS of one person who started this nasty RUMOR and people just love to jump on that famous little RUMOR bus because it is much more fun. Are you forgetting that this unfortunate story is affecting HHK, MM & their famalies? Both of their reputations are now being dragged through the mud with NO proof of ANYTHING! Some of you are saying that if MM was innocent he would be on twitter trying to deny it...REALLY? That would be the worse thing he could do. You don't think people would instantly attack him like they are now? Come on people. Lets look at this another way. He was allowed to work and additional 3 days (and months from the alleged incidence(s). If these so called allegations were true, CBS, SONY and TPTB would be open to all kinds of lawsuits for allowing him back. Also, do you really think SC would do such a sweet exit video for MM if these allegations were true? I mean...REALLY? She is a woman and I highly doubt she would be OK with him if this were true. Several of his co-stars have come out and said positive things regarding him but this is one of those catch 22 situations because they are all better off not saying anything...1. to keep their jobs...2. to not make things worse but, they also want to protect their friend. I think before you pass judgement, you should ask yourself this, if this were my brother, son, father etc. would you want people jumping to the cocnclusion of guilt just because of some gossip rag? I mean they are so credible...RIGHT? Try this, before judging and jumping to conclusions, lets wait for the truth to come out. I for one have been a Y&R fan for 40 years and I am so sad for all that are involved in this horrible RUMOR but since I have been watching for 40 years I also believe that if this really happened it would have been handled much differently. PS~ I have attached a copy to the video SC made for MM (again, would she have done this if she thought any of this was true)?

236 days ago
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