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Honey Boo Boo Family

Injured in Bad Car Wreck

1/7/2014 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-honey-boo-boo-car-crash-tmzHoney Boo Boo and her family were in a bad car crash Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Honey Boo Boo, Mama June, Pumpkin and Jessica were all passengers in the car driven by Sugar Bear.  

Sources tell us ... they were at a red light, waiting to turn left.  The light turned green and Sugar Bear began the turn.  A guy driving a truck was allegedly speeding in the opposite direction with his lights off and crashed into them.

Members of the family were taken to a local hospital ... an ambulance showed up, but Mama June tells TMZ ... the EMTs were going to take them to a hospital they didn't like so they went to another hospital in an SUV driven by their bodyguard.

Pumpkin says Sugar Bear has a contusion on his back, Mama June has a back and neck sprain, Honey Boo Boo hit her head against a passenger window and has a headache, and Pumpkin herself has severe chest bruises and is having panic attacks.

And June tells TMZ ... "We've only had that Suburban for 6 months and it's not even paid off yet."



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Troy Watson    

People have wrecks every day. Innocent people an they are not mentioned on AOL or any other web site, Why should we be concerned if an overrated fat, rude and ridiculous family had a fender bender. They get paid to be fat and stupid because you people watch that crap. This is why America is how it is today.

253 days ago


She was more worried about her "not even 6 month old" Suburban....pfft....i cant stand this family...

253 days ago


personally i cant believe there is a show of fat people stuffing there faces and getting paid for it,i cant believe dcf hasnt stepped in for over feeding the ,kids and making them obese so they cant even go to gym class,if there wasnt so much weight in the car it could of moved faster to get out of the way of the truck,i feel sorry for the car,if the car could speak it would probably give a sigh of relief of not hauling there fat asses around anymore,even earth movers have a weight limit,who needs an air bag with all that fat around your ass.

253 days ago


I could care less. The fact that this train wreck, (now a car wreck) is on the Learning Channel is an embarrassment to our nation's image. All reality TV shows based in Southern states projects the area as toothless and stupid. Maybe it's real after all.

253 days ago

Ann Brooks    

TRAILER TRASH!!! A bodygaurd............really???? Sounds like he made a left turn in front of oncoming traffic. What a bunch of jokes.

253 days ago


I can't believe the ignorance and hated seen on this story. Yes they aren't your typical family, but they love their kids are do a lot to give back to the community that helped them in the past. They are also making family memories their kids will always remember. How many of you can say the same about your family?? Shame on you!

253 days ago



253 days ago


I'm glad they are not badly hurt but if they were turning left at an intersection, they may be fully or partly liable.

253 days ago


A total waste of time and energy to watch this weird reality show with the heavy people onboard. Go read the bible and atleast learn something important. Sorry they got in a wreck but then again many other people have done the same and they don't get advertised on the internet.....

253 days ago


I hope all are ok, Do not like to see people injured. But tell me how does a family that has no ambition or concern for a healthy life style, and just sit around doing nothing but eating? But a Godly man like Phil Robertson is crucified for his religous beliefs? Is that not why this country was founded, to have freedom of religous beliefs? This is what our founding Fathers were afraid would happen to this country, people just laying around expecting other peole to do the work, and we committed on eof the biggest sins of all, our founding fathers our turning over in ther grave for borrowing money from other countries, we are no longer the greatest country in the world, and will end up being ruled by a foreign country, for we have lost sight of god for that is what made this country the strongest in the World during World War II, and that is why those people are called the greatest generation. For the country still believed in God. I do hope that my comments are posted there is freedom of speach and freedom of religion still in this country and if censored we have ecome a comunistic country. And God Help us all.

253 days ago

ima conservative    

sounds like they wern't wearing seat belt, but a American made large vehickle helped to save the day/night

253 days ago


I think they were on their way to McDonalds before the "all you can eat coupon" expired!

253 days ago

Jackie Butler     

Better watch it, mean posters; if you haven't yet learned-you soon will that what you wish on others, you've already made happen to you. Be nice or don't post at all. These are still humans, even small children are involved and some of you are saying things about the child's weight? Or where they come from? I can't wish it on you but don't be so hurt when one of your own people get hurt and the crowd cheers because you did it yourself. Humble pie is definately being served on this site-along with a future helping of crow!

253 days ago


so close ....

253 days ago


This is so sad. I think the whole world would like them to take some time to themselves to heal up. Howbout 20 or 30 years before you folks start that show back up? Lots of us will be dead by then that have sence enough not to watch that show.

253 days ago
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