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Jay Z

12-Year-Old Rapper's Performance


1/7/2014 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Z
did NOT pull a fast one on his audience in Greensboro, N.C., Sunday night ... when he brought a 12-year-old boy up on stage who stole the show -- it was all spontaneous.

We spoke with Angela, who took her 12-year-old son Justin to the concert in Charlotte Saturday.  She says Justin's dream was to "get noticed" by Hova and he was crushed when he was overlooked as he sat in the 8th row.

Angela says on the ride home they decided to give it one more try, and she bought tickets to the Greensboro concert the next day.  She says she was lucky and scored front row seats.

Angela tells us nothing was set up.  Justin jumped up with his sign and this time Jigga noticed. 

She says after the concert Jay Z was true to his word and took them backstage.  They talked for 5 minutes about personal stuff.  No numbers were exchanged and Jay said nothing about signing the kid.


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He and his talentless devil worshiping skank faked a whole pregnancy, of course they're lying

287 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

He crushed nothing, unless there were bugs on the stage floor we couldnt see. He was a little kid yelling into a microphone. Stick damn near any kid from the projects in front of people and hand him a mic and he'll yell into the mic and jump around too. Nothing special here.
Well except a crappy mother for bringing such a young child to a rap concert.

287 days ago


I wasn't there. I had productive things to do. Peace !

287 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

do they accept food stamps to get into a jay-z concert?

287 days ago


Ok ok, Jay has won me over. :)

287 days ago


Set up.

287 days ago


he wasn't even on beat...sorry kid, stay in school!

287 days ago


Is that what passes for music today? Garbage.

287 days ago


Wow! That's music? Horrible

287 days ago


And u know the bitch is on well fare spending her $$ on overpriced tickets. Also hella parenting job taking a 12 yo to a f bomb and ***** fest.

287 days ago


"She bought tickets to the Greensboro concert the next day. She says she was lucky and scored front row seats."

So let's see - you bought tickets to a Jay-Z concert that was happening the next day, and you just "happened" to be lucky and were able to buy front row tickets the day before? BS. She slipped up by saying that - it was a setup. No one is getting lucky and getting front row tickets the day before.

287 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Cut me a freaking break. The kid's mama was bummed that they had 8th row seats so she turns around and scores front rows for the next performance. Front rows being maybe $150 or more a pop. MMM hmmm, makes perfect sense. The kid could have been completely tone deaf, or had a serious stuttering problem or just about anything but lo and behold!!! He's a budding rapper!! Amazing how things work out isn't it? Amazing that they would expect us to believe it.

287 days ago


Sorry, it doesn't pass the sniff test. It was a set up and they wanted it to look spontaneous.
I believe it ranks right up there with Kim K saying that she wants privacy or Lindsay is sober or well, you get my drift.

287 days ago


This is bull. How in the world did she manage to get front row seats the day before? Unless she paid crazy scalper prices, which I doubt. It's a set up, they won't admit it, makes for a nicer fairy tale story.

287 days ago


I must have a mean mommy. She brought me to see Enrique as a teen, and he didn't notice me. Why didn't she take me back the next day? Boo Hoo, blah blah blah

287 days ago
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