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Sean Penn

Armed Sheriff's Escort

... to Leave Dinner

1/7/2014 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Mission: Safely escort Sean Penn from the door at Craig's restaurant to his car (10 paces away) without a violent incident.

The Manpower: Three armed L.A. County Sheriff Deputies.

The Issue at Hand: Sean's a loose cannon and Craig's is surrounded by paparazzi. Sean doesn't take kindly to paparazzi. In fact, he likes to attack them.

So, was Sean able to walk 10 steps to his car -- with an armed escort -- without incident?

Watch the clip ...

8:01 AM PT -- The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ ... deputies responded to a call from Craig's around 11:08 PM, when restaurant staff reported a disturbance on the property.

We're told restaurant staffers explained that paparazzi were blocking the entrance way, preventing patrons from entering or exiting the restaurant ... so deputies came and cleared a path.


No Avatar


What a joke. The powers that be in the state of California have to be the absolute biggest morons I have ever seen.

If they created a strict twent foot law, there would NEVER be a problem.

The paps would outfit themselves with zoom lenses that would pick up a zit at 100 yards.

But that would be too easy. Or does the state think that would an infrigement on the roaches right to take pictures.


253 days ago


I hope this time he wasn't screaming at the other patrons that he will make them eat their phones. Something mentally wrong with him beyond the anger issues and violence.

253 days ago


unarmed sheriff's would have been enough for this turd . .

253 days ago


Why don't they have armed sheriffs protecting against paparazzi instead of the other way around?!!! Those jerks with cameras are far more dangerous including the ones who work for tmz

253 days ago

Timmy Boy    

I dont understand. Are they protecting Sean from TMZ, or TMZ from Sean?

253 days ago

Timmy Boy    

Gotta hand it to Sean. He doesnt need to pay for bodyguards. He uses the cops.

253 days ago


Because they know Sean will go the hell OFF! I like Sean Penn and I like that he goes off on the paps. He's not a Kardashian or some other "reality star." These so called "reality stars" SEEK attention from you guys. Sean Penn is an ACTOR and a damn good one. He doesn't just have cameras follow him around so he can do stupid things to put on TV. He makes's his's his's something he studied. He doesn't wake up and go out hoping to encounter you guys so people will see his face all over your websites. He doesn't need TMZ or the paps to make him famous. His talent on film takes care of that. Get out of his face and chase a Kardashian.

253 days ago


He used to be cool. Now, he's such a panty waste

253 days ago


I will not say a bad thing about Penn. He is one of the few celebrities that roll up their sleeves and helps people in need.

253 days ago


Hate the stalkerazzi? Then how about NOT going out to t place for dinner at a place that you KNOW is swarming with them? This guy just keeps giving me more and more reasons to hate him.

253 days ago


Just a question... why do all these stars go out to eat at places where they know the photogs are hanging out at? If they really hate them so much why dont they go to Johnny Burger Joint or Long John Silvers?

253 days ago

Tony Montana    

Sean is such a huge narcissist who takes himself so seriously, saving people with a camera crew taking pictures. If he cares so much about the Haitian people, maybe he should teach his son not to use the n word.

253 days ago


"Guns are bad. Unless they are being used to protect me." - Sean Penn

252 days ago

Vall Sakova    

Sean Penn leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

252 days ago


So let me get this straight. Hollywood stars and politicians, money, jewelry all get armed guards and escorts? No wonder these left wing anti American punks are all for gun confiscation and want to repeal OUR 2nd amendment, they don't need the 2nd amendment since they get armed guards for them and their families. It truly makes me sick that a woman like scarlett Johansson let this commie pig put his grubby hands on her. Poor millionaire sean penn gets his picture taken :( what a joke.

252 days ago
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