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Lindsay Lohan

Crap ... My Stolen Computer Has Naked Photos!

1/8/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-lindsay-lohan-laptop-shanghaiYou want to see Lindsay Lohan naked?  That's what she's afraid of ... because we know what's in her stolen computer.

Lindsay claims her computer was stolen at the airport in Shanghai, China, and she's offering a reward for its return.  In a move showing an utter lack of sophistication, Lindsay isn't specifying how much she'll give ... she's saying, "Whatever it takes."  Translation:  A lot.

Why, you ask, is she so freaked out?  We've learned she had a bunch of nude photos of herself.  She claims they're all from various photo shoots that were never supposed to be released.  Again, when an actress is asked to take her clothes off, usually no good comes from that.

And there's more ... We're told Lindsay claims she has "private correspondence" from a bunch of famous people, including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga, that she wants to keep under wraps.

We pressed on whether there were selfies but got no answer ... so we're guessing there are.



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Good riddance!    

Hey Crackie, not a whole lot of fun when someone steals YOUR stuff now is it, you fricking Lo-thief!

102 days ago


Not only has everyone already seen everything, no one wants to see her saggy breasts and fire crotch.

102 days ago


Preparing for flat cake pics with empty bottles and powdery dusted CD covers in the background for aesthetics.

102 days ago


The only fame she has remaining is being a staple onTMZ stop reporting on this never was and she'll go away.

102 days ago


i don't think it's naked pics she's worried about
something else on that computer

102 days ago


"private correspondence" with johns, drug dealers, thieves, secret bank accounts ect

102 days ago


wanting to see naked photos of celebrities is so 2009. we're over it.

102 days ago


Who ever borrowed it and their assistant forgot to return it,send the pics and "correspondence" to oprah. And dont worry, according to Auntie jihad Nicole there should be no punishment because its a non violent Mistake.

102 days ago


As soon as I heard this. "I lost my computer" story I thought here comes the sex video... It really was only a matter of time... A sex tape is a sign you've really hit bottom

102 days ago


Come on, I bet she had a MacBook and if so she can locate any stolen Apple device with FindMyiPhone App, it lists Apple devices including computers to locate your device if stolen or missing.

Another good to have is Norton's Anti Theft, if bought and downloaded to your computer you can log in on another to select which computer is missing and locate it.

102 days ago


bet her father and brothers are happy about the naked pics, new jerk off material for them. no body cares about this ugly useless khunt except tmz.

102 days ago


I think this is so she can leak them herself though for $$ you know how the Lohan's play the media for their livelihood. Nothing like pretend your laptop was stolen then have someone sell your things to gossip media sources for big money.

Hard to believe her stories anymore. Why would you go public that it was stolen and what was on it, that would only encourage a thief or someone to locate it, so I don't think it really was stolen.


102 days ago


She keeps naked pics of herself cuz she has nothing else going on in her life. She needs those pics of herself to keep herself busy at night, she tells herself how hot she is and she has a great body. Just a cry for attention, as usual.

102 days ago


A loved one must have passed as Lilo is flying her breasts at half mast!!!

102 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

I'd be way more interested in the correspondence than her nakedness. We've all seen the floppy breasts on her perp walk and in her side boob shots, we've seen her pasty untoned body and we all know she's downright unwashed. If this story is even true she doesn't have access to enough money to make a dent in what the seller of such information would get. I'm about 50/50 on this because Lohan is so freaking delusional half the time and full of shlt the other half, so maybe/maybe not.

102 days ago
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