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Lindsay Lohan

Crap ... My Stolen Computer Has Naked Photos!

1/8/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0107-lindsay-lohan-laptop-shanghaiYou want to see Lindsay Lohan naked?  That's what she's afraid of ... because we know what's in her stolen computer.

Lindsay claims her computer was stolen at the airport in Shanghai, China, and she's offering a reward for its return.  In a move showing an utter lack of sophistication, Lindsay isn't specifying how much she'll give ... she's saying, "Whatever it takes."  Translation:  A lot.

Why, you ask, is she so freaked out?  We've learned she had a bunch of nude photos of herself.  She claims they're all from various photo shoots that were never supposed to be released.  Again, when an actress is asked to take her clothes off, usually no good comes from that.

And there's more ... We're told Lindsay claims she has "private correspondence" from a bunch of famous people, including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga, that she wants to keep under wraps.

We pressed on whether there were selfies but got no answer ... so we're guessing there are.



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Same old, same old. Lindsay doesn't/can't comprehend that no famous people want to be associated w/ her. Just because she bombards reals stars, and crashes their parties to get quick pictures of herself with them doesn't mean they're friends.

She's grasping at straws, begging for attention, and still she's too stupid to figure out there is a reason nobody cares. Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls wasn't a career. It was two movies ten years ago that she lucked into.

When a porn star talks about how unprofessional you are, time to move on and think about another career. Self nudies on a labtop would draw little or no interest.

This magical computer and name dropping sure sounds to me like she is trying to get a paycheck from some big named Hollywood people for a healthy reward to this thief that stole her ever so important computer. There was a story last year about how basically anybody and everybody that was famous and had given Lindsay there number had to change numbers. All because Lindsay was constantly calling on drug and alcohol fueled binges, crying, begging, rambling.

She's playing the last and only card she has left. Get one last paycheck.

255 days ago


enseño carne y dejas de meterte conmigo de forma cruel? pero esto que mierda es, gilipollas?
de qué vas cerdo inhumano?
quita las putas camaras, hio de puta, lo de ayer fue tu sentencia de muerte.

255 days ago


una cosa, ademas de no querer agradarte con mi imagen ni con mi atractivo (lo de ayer lo hice por mi) tampoco es mi intención (como ya sabes) ah por cierto, lo que opine tu entourage de gentuza que me pone a segurme y a hacerme gilipolleces insultantes me la trae al pairo, como podrías imaginar.
no es mi intención tampoco, entretenerte ni estimularte intelectualmente. lol, tampoco hago por implementarme ese aspecto, porque veo que te fascina especialmente en cuanto abro un libro. te veo tan tonto, hijo, que se me quitan las ganas de leer.
es evidente en ambos aspectos, no?
por tanto..... yo me pregunto: qué haces con tanto interés depués de tantos años, yo estoy en cuerpo presente, pero no me tienes ni me ves, ni estoy realmente, me ves pero no estoy... lol
el hecho es que estás metido cinco años... por qué?

255 days ago


There is nothing left to the imagination. She has already showed every part of her body on the internet!

255 days ago

Eye roll     

I used to be Lindsey's assistant and she is really freckly all over herself.

255 days ago

Just My Opinion    

If you don't want people to get a hold of your nude pictures, don't take them to start with. More so, if you are rich and famous, because that is an easy way to get money.

255 days ago


Could this publicity stunt be more obvious? "Oh no, somebody stole my naked pictures. I hope they don't leak them to the media. *teehee* That would be scandalous."

255 days ago


It's not pictures she's worried about. Much more damning stuff, for sure.

255 days ago


Uh, no thanks fire crotch

255 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

When will the bootleg sex tape drop?

255 days ago


In other words, she wants to release the photos to get media attention, but claiming they were "stolen" makes it look less sleazy. Nice try Lindsay!!!

255 days ago


NO ONE wants to see her naked. Even though everyone has seen it all. I'm starting to believe this is some kind of scam just to get money. But if this is true, then it's not the photos she's worried about. It's something else on that computer.

255 days ago


FFS, no one gives a flying FVCK about nude pics of Blo's, wwwww, firecrotch.
Now, access to her global supply of dealers might be another matter.

(Want a tab of Orange Haze while in London...or a hit of pure while in Brazil...just text....)

255 days ago


Firecrotch: The Stinkquel Coming Spring 2014

255 days ago


Kind of sucks when your stuff gets stolen

254 days ago
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