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Justin Bieber

Needs An Ass-Kickin'

... Says Ex-NFL Star

1/14/2014 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber shouldn't go to jail for egging his neighbor's house last week ... but he DOES need someone to BEAT HIS ASS ... so says ex-NFL player Jordan Babineaux.

With Justin's neighbor pushing for incarceration, we asked the former Seattle Seahawks safety how JB should be punished for allegedly causing $20k in damage to his neighbor's home.

Jordan's response ... CLASSIC.

"I'd kick his little ass," Jordan said ... "I'd give him a wedgie and throw him in the pool."

There's more -- it's awesome.

The lesson here ... don't mess with Jordan's home, unless you're prepared to walk around with your underwear lodged up your butt.

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No Avatar


Lil dude is so out of control. What did his mother teach him. Everone dogs CB but this lil dude can get away with anything. Whats with that?

280 days ago


bwaaaaaahahaha! lol

280 days ago

Ron Fing Swanson    

Kick his ass then give him a wedgie, classic stuff

280 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Yeah, Jordan. The same needs to be done to those idiot NFL players that continue to get arrested for drug possession, DUI's and spouse abuse.

280 days ago


I think Beebs should move to keep his sanity. Bad neighbors can ruin your life. He probably has been dealing with these neighbors for a long time & it pushed him to do something he normally wouldn't do. (If he even did it) I'm sure the neighbors have done worse mentally but just know how to hide it. Sure we don't know everything.

280 days ago


Justin's not going to jail/prison want to know why, because god has blessed him and good karma is their for him. People have ridiculed him since day one for shallow reasons for him hitting puberty late, still do now just along with hypocritical reasons. Justin's recent incidents like the graffiti, smoking weed, speeding tickets...isn't abnormal behavior for someone his age. I don't wish harm or any bad to come to Justin. He has saved millions of lives with his music and his generous donations to charities. Others don't care the so called haters make themselves believe Justin is a bad guy, they convince themselves. To prove my point Charlie Sheen basically told Farrah (teen mom) to kill herself and he did cocaine, now Justin smokes weed and and pisses in a mop bucket and he gets more **** for it that's not right or fair. The people being hostile towards Justin are disgusting and ignorant, and I hope karma gets them bad. Hope to see Justin's future filled with good things. Words hurt, pain changes people. If you've never been bullied for years then u wouldn't understand the pain that Justin feels. Hey judge mental, ignorant, hypocrites please don't reproduce we don't need anymore filth in the world.

280 days ago

Arthur L Taylor    

Justin does not need to go to jail for a minor incident like this. He does need to be held accountable if he violated the law. Since this was property damage incarceration seems to be a bit harsh. This young man is begging for a different kind of intervention. There has to be more to his behavior that should be addressed by others around him. The same people that has lifted him up, is tearing him down. He is fighting back the best way he knows how. It's sad to see such great talent misused. I sincerely hope that he does not become a tragedy. His parents need to surround him along with those considered his friends and encourage him to change his behavior, not beat him down for it. Justin is still young, and exposed to life changes that have been the downfall of many in his profession. I do not support this negative act, but I try to understand why t's happening. I hope great positive change will come to him very soon before it's to late.

280 days ago


LOL - The Biebs getting a wedgie for the egg tossing seems like fair punishment to me.

280 days ago


I'd like to know how many eggs were thrown, approx., and if Justin keeps that many in his fridge normally...or did he purchase that quantity with the idea of egging his neighbor? Does Justin even eat eggs? My other thought is Justin did this at night, in the dark. Listen to the 911 recording because the neighbor's daughter was truly afraid of what was happening. It's one thing to do something to his neighbor but it's a whole different story when his young daughter is involved.

280 days ago


Justin Dweeber is a straight loser.

280 days ago


lmao give him a wedgie and throw him in the pool..thats funny

280 days ago


yes deport him back to Canada that's punishment enough

279 days ago


To bad this wasn't in Florida, then his neighbor could have stand his ground.

279 days ago


Still waiting for comments from ex-nfl star.

279 days ago


Two wrongs do not equal a right. Easy to be glib when the camera's pointed at you, but it's different in real life.

279 days ago
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