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Kim Kardashian

That Guy Called Me a Slut

And Said 'I Will Kill You'

1/14/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian was threatened with DEATH by the man who allegedly called her a "n****r lover"... and she's filing a police report and wants the guy prosecuted for making criminal threats ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the nuclear blow up at a Beverly Hills medical building tell TMZ ... the guy screamed at Kim, "I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT" ... and THAT Kim believes is a crime.

TMZ broke the story ... the guy had been yelling at paps outside the building as Kim showed up.  He apparently tried to help her get in the building, but when he started ranting at photogs, calling them "n****rs" and  "f****ts" ... Kim called him out and he then went crazy on her. 

For some reason, Kim called Kanye in the middle of the guy's rant and the guy screamed that Kanye was an "n****r," and it all culminated in confrontation in a chiropractor's waiting room when Kanye barged in and punched the guy.  Now Kanye is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation.

Kim has already met with her lawyer and they decided they will mount a counterattack by filing a police report. 

Whatever happens ... it's not good for Kanye.  He's already facing battery charges for his LAX assault on a photog, and the L.A. City Attorney wants to use every confrontation to prove Kanye has an M.O.  This isn't going to help his cause.


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It's flat-out assault. I wish TMZ would stop sucking off celebrities -- TMZ is demonizing the person who was attacked by running nothing but the Kardashian spin. You know that if a non-celebrity punched out Kanye or Kim TMZ sure as hell wouldn't be trashing Kanye and Kim with nothing but spin from the attacker.

291 days ago


Don't take **** from no jumped up lil hard man p-rick

291 days ago


Please trash the victim a little more, TMZ! The guy who was attacked needs to be demonized!

291 days ago


I believe he called her a slut, because she is one. She must have talked to lawyers. Now that she says he threatened to kill her. Kanye can say he heard it and thought she was in imminent danger.

291 days ago


Lol @ anyone that believes this manufactured scenario produced by Kris, Seacrest and Harvey Levin. Are we really this gullible as a society?

291 days ago


Get over it you two drama byatches!!!! My goodness I never could stand Kim even more so her little whiney fiancé !!! They are both so pathetic !!!! They are just upset because they haven't had any publicity in some time!!!! Kim needs to be like klhoe!!!! At least she has respect and is real and doesn't let her family name ruin the real true amazing sweet kickass young lady that she is!!! Just put Kim and Kanye on their own little island so no one has to hear about their little temper tantrums !!!! They both just make me SICK!!!!

291 days ago


Everything will be I was I fear for my life! Per my lawyer.

291 days ago


If he REALLY yelled at Kim, "I WILL KILL YOU, SLUT", which I don't believe he did, then why wasn't this reported in the earlier story?
A: Kim KNOWS that Kanye was in the wrong for punching the kid (words alone never justify a physical response), so she's trying to find some reason for the cops to go after the guy. She'll fail.

291 days ago


this CAN'T be the first time anyone has called her that.

291 days ago


well she is a N***r Lover... and I certainly don't mean that by race alone. There are Blacks and there are N***rs, she's always been with the latter. Does the truth hurt Kim

291 days ago


Kim is are a slut an a hole lot more. you have no class just cause you have a big fake ass. I hope they hang Mr. Kartrash from the highest tree so we dont have to see his face or what he calls music . an I hope you an your klan move to your own island never to be seen or heard of again

291 days ago


What's wrong in what he said?
Married woman who is famous only, beside home porn, for having another man's baby IS a slut.

I'm sure he didn't said 'I will kill you'.
She's to big nobody for someone to waste time & life on killing her.

291 days ago


Good try KK, but not good enough! Kanye is still in trouble for punching that kid, although it's Cali and that means nothing will happen to him cause he's a "celebrity."

291 days ago


Striking a young kid for just joking around is wrong, kanye should br arrested immediately. Just because a kid jokes around truthfully doesn't give the coloreds a right to attempt murder, and kim kardashian shouldn't push her mudsharking madness

291 days ago


Downy hahhhaaaa

291 days ago
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