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Conrad Murray

Appeals Court Rules


1/15/2014 1:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A California appeals court just formally and forever shut down Conrad Murray's contention ... Michael Jackson killed himself by self-injecting that fatal dose of Propofol.

Murray had appealed his manslaughter conviction with a kitchen sink of arguments, including MJ accidentally offing himself.  The California Court of Appeal has ruled ... Murray's theories are just that -- theories.  The court went on to say the evidence was plentiful ... that he did the deed.

The judges noted incredulously ... Murray's fingerprints were all over the Propofol bottle and they said he acted like a guilty man when cops showed up ... by lying to them.   They also zeroed in on Murray cleaning up the scene after the fact.

Even though Murray has served his sentence ... the appeal was important.  If he won he could have made a credible pitch to regain his medical license.



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Dead drug addict child rapist DID kill himself by his suicidal lifestyle.

217 days ago


EVEN IF MJ had injected himself with the last deadly dose, it still lands on CM. The fact of the matter is that MJ should not have had access to the drug to begin with!

217 days ago

oh really     

I would say everyone, including Murray knows MJ didnt kill himself

217 days ago


Now the Jacksons can sue this bastard til the end of his pathetic life. . .

217 days ago


He paid his time for dealing with the wacko and addict Michael Jackson. He deserves to move on with his life and stay far away from this very dysfunctional family (that will be going down further in flames due to their own behavior).

217 days ago


I bet if someone says that the Illuminati killed mj alot of people would be talking **** or on a hardcore debate

217 days ago

Yu Lee    

Michael himself said that his depression is due to constant harrassment of media and TMZ's paps who were parked outside 24/7 TMZ proudly says they had the exclusive scoop, just confirms rheir guilt. They're the ones who have blood on their hands!

217 days ago

mj fan forever    

Very well done!!!! The Court of Appeal couldn't have said it better!!! There was WIDELY proved that murderer is the sole responsible!!! The disgusting murderer even wants to continue to practice medicine madness as judge Pastor rightfully stated when sentenced him to the maximum sentence!!!! Not to mention he dared to defame Michael Jackson once out of jail, all thanks to greedy unnatural mother Katherine who dropped restitution after ex prosecutor David Walgren pleaded her not to do it!!! Murderer is and remains a disgusting convicted murderer without any moral, any ethics, he should have had the death penalty and being left to rot in jail before rotting in hell where he belongs!!!

217 days ago


one less child molester to worry about

217 days ago


No F*****g Duh!

217 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Why can't Conrad accept that he broke the laws of the land AND the oath he swore too when he became a Doctor ? Good luck finding another job , I just hope the taxpayers don't have to support you in your future.

217 days ago


The important thing is that the child diddler can diddle no more.

217 days ago

Margarida Maria    

Dr Murray thought it was smart. But liar, liar, pants on fire.
The truth always comes out. MJ is not suicidal, not killed himself.
Still has a lot of mystery to be cleared up, in the death of MJ.
Go ahead, Mrs. Katherine Jackson. Insists on a new trial, and Dr Murray should speak, as well as all the doctors who cared for MJ during his lifetime, in the new trial.
MJ was deceived, threatened, pressured, coerced, manipulated by AEG Live and suffered damage to their physical integrity. AEG's contract with MJ was unfair, an illicit act. AEG wanted only money, profits, money that MJ would give concerts. MJ became a slave of AEG.
MJ would have to do 50 shows followed, as a money-making machine. And Dr Murray collaborating, injecting the fuel in MJ (drugs), so he can be a super-artist, fulfilling the goal of AEG : MONEY.
Behind this there was greedy people, dangerous, unscrupulous, like a bunch of vultures. Which artist, which person can handle so much pressure?
I think that Mrs. Katherine Jackson should insist on objective theory of responsibility (the LEX AQUILIA) and do what think is right and fair. The true MJ fans await justice.

217 days ago


time for conrad to now start with the man in the mirror and accept he will never ever get his license again . and also that its a waste of money in legal bills trying to fight the price he had to pay for causing mjs death. though would not be surprised if he files another appeal

217 days ago


Here because you haters are obsessed with prdophelia and child rapists.
Go after this one like the way you know who. I betcha you wont now will ya?
NOPE you didn't go after Sanduski, Pollanski,Jerry Lee Lewis, and Elvis amongst others

217 days ago
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