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Kanye West

Pummeled 18-Year-Old Like A Boxer

1/15/2014 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West was like a boxer going in for the kill ... pummeling an 18-year old guy with more than 30 blows ... this according to an eyewitness.

We broke the story ... an 18-year-old allegedly called Kim a "n****r lover" on his way into the office of a Beverly Hills chiropractor.  Minutes later, Kim and Kanye stormed in -- Kim ID the kid -- and her baby daddy went nuts.

The eyewitness tells TMZ ... the 18-year-old was sitting in a chair as Kanye made a beeline for him and, without saying a word, started slugging him in the face.  The kid was covering his face but Kanye was unrelenting.  Kim just stood there and silently watched the beating.

The receptionist was screaming, "Stop, stop," but Kanye ignored her.  The kid quickly curled up into a ball to block the blows. 

The massage therapist rushed into the waiting room and pushed Kanye off the kid and ordered him out of the office.  Kanye got out of the building and Kim went to another office for a meeting.


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kim is a hoe and everyone knows it and kayne is worse, ****ty worthless pair but to attack a kid as a grow man u must be mentally retarded no offence. Those celebrities who do w/e they belong to a ****ing wall and shoot
case closed

283 days ago


If they would have called her a craker lover i wonder if people would see it the same way.

283 days ago


If they would have called her a craker lover i wonder if people would see it the same way.

283 days ago


If they would have called her a craker lover i wonder if people would see it the same way.

283 days ago


That'll show him.

283 days ago


Ok so let me start by saying I was a big fan of Kim until the whole screwing over Humph but then I was like TV doesn't show everything now she gets with this fool and on her show her ego gets out of control and right here is gangsta mentality. Like now dare he use those words around her and then she calls to have him beaten what is she the queen or something? Grow up both of you I hope the rep of child protective services look into you both hes unstable and clearly mental health issue and she's starting to show some as well like PPD and def ego maniac. I feel bed for the. Baby thank god she's always with the nannies

283 days ago


Someone needs to kick the crap out of that screwball west. I can't stand him or that lowlife karCRACKshin.

283 days ago


Good thing the kid didn't mention he's a recovering gay fish.

283 days ago


get some counseling don't buy class're both a couple of lowlife's

283 days ago


What's wrong Kanye? Truth hurts too much. I would love to just beat the s hit out of your arrogant ass, pu ssy!

283 days ago


As an attorney, I can tell you UNEQUIVOCALLY that the kid has already been approached by multiple lawyers who have advised him to: 1) Go to the hospital and get a full medical report , 2) Do NOT go back to work so he can claim loss of income, and 3) Suddenly develop an inability to leave the house or engage in daily activities because of the EMOTIONAL DISTRESS suffered at the hands of a physical assault by a crazed and violent black male (who loves publicly reminding people that he's "from Chicago.")

Unlike project dwellers, the rest of the world follows the law (not "ghetto justice"), and the law of self defense in NO WAY applies here. Even in defense of SELF (not another), one is only permitted to administer the degree of physical force that has been visited upon them, unless it is a stand your ground state where the laws are different, but STILL would not apply in this situation. Here, 1) NO PHYSICAL FORCE was used by the kid against ANYONE. 2) The assailant (Kanyetta) had NO PROOF that any "fighting words" or threats were uttered by the kid. 3) The assailant followed the kid and attacked him in front of witnesses. 4) The assailant and his accomplice then fled the scene after the attack. This is a dream case for any Tort lawyer. (Unprovoked attack+ witnesses who are willing to testify+ defendant with deep pockets) The kid will make enough money off of these two semi-literate upscale hoodrats that he will never EVER have to work again. Advice to kid: Keep your mouth shut. Speak only when your attorney tells you to speak. No tv interviews. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, do NOT respond to TMZ's repeated requests for "interviews" (they will only be trying to do damage control for their clients, the Kardashians). Lay low and get rich off of this mouth-breathing clown.

283 days ago


Pics or it didn't happen.

283 days ago


So he committed a violent criminal assault in full view of several witnesses? PERFECT! i hope he enjoys his millions of dollars sitting in prison where he belongs. Maybe acting like a savage animal is "cool" in a rapster video but in adult society you get ARRESTED. If this kid were smart he'd start screaming NECK AND BACK AND HEAD INJURY and sue this animal for every dollar he has. He could never work a day in his life if he plays this right. Good job, Kimmode!

283 days ago


Every time Kayne threw a punch, Kim said "UH-HUH BABY!"

283 days ago


hey kim...did it boost your self esteem when your screwy husband was the only one defending what everyone thinks of you..that you're nothing more than an exhibitionist and wh*re?...

283 days ago
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