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Ripped for Dropping N-Bomb on Her Own Son

1/18/2014 12:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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 has a strange way of bragging about her son -- she posted a pic of him boxing with the hashtag ... "disni**a" ... and she immediately got blasted for it.

Madonna posted the photo of Rocco Ritchie on Instagram Friday night with the caption, "No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out! #disni**a."

Dirty Soap is clearly a nickname for Rocco. As for the hashtag -- who the Hell knows?

Some outraged followers ripped her for it ... with comments like, "MADONNA U NEED TO TAKE UR arthritis medicine instead of trying to be hip on the internet."


5:50 PM PT -- Madonna changed the photo caption to say, "Ok let me start this again. #get off of my d*ck haters!"


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Who ****ing cares they act like she called a black person a ******. I thought we had freedom of speech! Leave her alone she is grown and can say what she wants!

246 days ago


Where is Guy Ritchie now days? Ever since I read about her convincing the guy to get ci***cised I've always felt bad for the guy. Then she dumped him. She's such an egomaniac.

246 days ago

Unkind Truth    

I'm sorry but Madonna tries so hard to be "hip" and in "the know", but she only makes herself look thirsty for attention. Right now....with this comment....this cow looks parched. As for the person who want to turn this into your "well, black people say n****a all the time....yeah, we do...and you white people still can't say it without getting redirected. Learn that you might've have created the word, but we own it. Call it double standard, triple threat, bitter irony or whatever. Try saying to a black and watch how quickly you will get dropped to the ground.

246 days ago


TMZ... Nice to have 2 BS options to your question. Must be a slow night that this makes "news"... Flip thru your tv or radio channels and you'll hear this word everyday, so why is this news? It's not like she used it in a negative manner. Pussification of reporting at it's finest.

246 days ago


She sure has turned into trash. That update tweet is more pathetic than the first tweet.

246 days ago


A 60 yrear old whore that says hater. #grody

246 days ago


Shouldn't she be somewhere crocheting a blanket instead of dropping the "n" word & dating her son's friends?!

246 days ago


Good for her. She should laugh at every moron that pretends to be offended while yg's hit song MY ***** MY ***** plays all over the place. ****ing idiots.

246 days ago

Unkind Truth    

And extra special thanks to TMZ for causing the infamous "n*gga" argument yet again to boost your rates. You SOB's are a class act ESPECIALLY when you know the reaction of people's personal perception on this particular word.

246 days ago


Oh my gawd not *****.. Seriously, who cares except people who have nothing better to do than bitch

246 days ago


If some people really think she's racist based off using that term in a jokey manner (and I might add she didn't even say the n-word, she typed n-gga, which is not a slur), they're being ridiculous. I'm 17 and I hear non-black teens talk to blacks teens using tat term, and no offense is meant nor taken. But it's Madonna, so people will just over-sensationalize it as always.

246 days ago


That kids face is demented and Madonna is like a beast. No class ever. I don't care how well she enunciates her bloody words...

246 days ago


i suspected she may have grown a **** when i saw those hideous pics of her arms. this confirms it! run the story TMZ

246 days ago


There is NOTHING wrong with saying '*****'...

'Yo, that's my *****' ... commonly referred as 'my brother', 'my boy', 'my homie'... 'my *****'

I'd love to see any of you couch potato, internet living momos live anywhere near the city... sigh

246 days ago

Unkind Truth    

After review of my previous post, I would like to retract my statement about black people owning such a derogatory slur. That's wasn't a fair comment because so many individuals have lost their lives or put their lives on the line to promote equality and harmony amongst races. My fire for the individuals that tried to justified that it was acceptable for a particular race to use because other race used it in either personal/professional manners. The word isn't acceptable for any race, including blacks to use. This word causes so much strife and disharmony within society and it shouldn't...,it's just a word. My ignorance came to the forefront when I heard select in visuals trying to justify its usage. It's a cruel word that new age society has some how made hip and cool to use. We, as blacks, cannot expect others to stop when we utilize the term in every day lingo.

246 days ago
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