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Juan Pablo Galavis

Gay 'Bachelor' Would Be Bad Influence on Kids

1/18/2014 10:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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"The Bachelor"' star Juan Pablo Galavis apparently believes gays are more perverted than the average bear ... because he thinks putting a gay equivalent of him on the show would poison the mind's of children.

Juan Pablo raised some waxed eyebrows when he spoke to The TV Page saying "I don't think it is a good example for kids" ... and then said gay people are "more pervert in a sense."

Juan Pablo's gag reflex apparently isn't that good ... because he thinks the show would be too hard to watch if the star were gay.

So, we gotta ask ...

12:55 PM PT -- Warner Horizon Television and the show's executive producers just released a statement saying, "Juan Pablo’s comments were careless, thoughtless and insensitive, and in no way reflect the views of the network, the show’s producers or studio."

2:25 PM PT -- Juan Pablo posted an apology on his Facebook page saying his words were "taken out of context" (even though TV Page released the audio with the story) ... and he has nothing but respect for gay people.

Juan Pablo also says he didn't mean to call homosexuality "pervert" ... and blames the bad choice of words on his crappy English.


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He should do an impromptu with the bachleor host to discuss how messed up this is and how he messed up saying this and will change that would make that shows few fans left watch because this has to be the most stupidest thing ever said in entertainment

241 days ago


TRUE, because it's always bad to represent the truth about life on TV. Just keep showing them beautiful people (no matter how dumb), and they'll be normal.

241 days ago


What really disgusts me is this foreigner swappin' his saliva with our fine American women. Spreading that foreign disease that turns patriots into commie socialists!

241 days ago


WTF, put him in jail already,
BOYCOT "bachelor" and its ugly people!

241 days ago


I would not watch it if they were gay!

241 days ago


I'm really tired of people who say that kids sexuality can influenced. All gay are born to heterosexual parents and vice versa. Frankly, I find people who say those things to be insecure with their sexuality and can be persuaded one way or the other, thats why they think it applies to everyone. The fact is people are either into men, women, or both and nothing can change that.

241 days ago


Let's get a black bachelor first.

241 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

look at this dirty bum. how do you get thousands of chicks to compete for some crappy marriage with you, as a filthy smelly looking dirty beanerbum??? is this like magic? the magical scent of magicbum? wow. keep that odor away from me please. might attract the wayward prostitutes whose final clocks are ticking and they are looking for a float. a bum who is looking for a maid to clean his cardboard box. now that is a great show concept. amazing. thanks disney. we really appreciate this, right along with miley cyrus. and that little guy who flashed his penis, his erection to all of us. yeah, thanks a million disney. can't wait for the next surprise from your land of fantasy.

241 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

next disney cartoon: twerking girlie puzzies! xD and some young hard penises, too! seen right through their boy panties!! it's going to be a mickey mouse club tv series for after school kids. can't wait!

241 days ago


LOl, This is the first season I am not watching. I didn't stand him on the Bachelorette, but this made me smile and I LOVED what he said. SO TRUE... Gays are filthy trash who walk with their butts sticking out, (a sausage in the ass, dang) ouch. My opinion.

241 days ago


Oh yeah. A BAD INFLUENCE? I guess polygamy is a better example to society, or hurting women because they are not good enough for you. First of all, kids should not be watching the show. Number two, gays are not babysitters. Be a parent, a change the channel, or "harder"...EXPLAIN SOMETHING FOR ONCE. Gays don't need a show, they have full inventory on Santa Monica Blvd at Rage and Tigerheat. What I call the "Temp Agency for Gay Relationships". Eff the show and this 15 minutes of fame mofo...

241 days ago


I'll go easy on Pablo and excuse the language barrier. Perhaps he meant to say "more sexual" rather than "pervert." But I'd disagree with his comments, regardless. Just one thought. I haven't heard of any gay or lesbian rapist on the loose lately. Have you? Some may counter with pedos but it's a fact that the vast majority of pedos are heterosexual.

241 days ago


The LOGO channel may pick it up!

241 days ago


Um so making out with several bikini clad women and dating them over a period of a few months while taking them overnight to the 'special' suite is appropriate?! I guess he sits down with his young daughter and teaches her valuable lessons during the Bachelor. Gay or straight not appropriate for any kid.

241 days ago


To be fair, anything outside of missionary, pro-creative sex, is a form of perversion.

241 days ago
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