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'Hollywood Hillbillies'

Jews Are Too Smart For Manual Labor

1/22/2014 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A backwoods woman who came to L.A. to become famous had better learn a lesson about Hollywood ... don't talk crap on the Jews.

A woman named Mema from a small Georgia town has loaded up her truck and moved to Beverly ... for a new show called "Hollywood Hillbillies." 

Here's what triggered her comment.  She spent the day with her "Jewish manager" David Weintraub and watched him do deals on his cell phone and drive around town in his Rolls.  She was so impressed, it led her to the conclusion about leaving manual labor to certain types of gentiles.

We're told REELZChannel is actually planning to air the Jewish comment on the show.

We're guessing REELZ is run by ...


No Avatar


She was on tosh.o few times.

272 days ago


Cut her some slack She offered a man 1500 dollars and an IUD for a BMW!

272 days ago


Jews DO shovel dirt!!! Harvey's been doing it ever since he started this TMZ deal...of course theres a lot of excrement in that shovel load as well!!

272 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

is this another one of them cases of 'dumb people claim they are too intelligent to be able to do simple stuff'? like: i can't read or speel or right because i am too smart to waste all my time lernin all this stuff'? so what about all the stupid people who can read and write and spell excellently and graduated college? they are still not as intelligent as you, or even "dumb"? sounds like a real lame asz cop out. jews are dumb. i have yet to have met a jew who had even a smidgen of intelligence. jews = DUMBOS.

272 days ago


she's showing affection, what is the big deal ? It's ignorant, but ALL of us have things we're ignorant about. Give her a pass, she clearly admires the guy, and admires the accomplishments Jewish people have made over the years. Stereotypes are usually based in truth, and it's true, Jews have a tendency to do damn well in their endeavors!

272 days ago


Not going to read the comments because I'm sure plenty will be hate-filled. I'm fully Jewish and proud of my heritage. These "hilbillies" are as much a stereotype as their manager, so I can't really take offense to anything. All good humor, people. Now let's get back to that embarrassing Duck Dynasty guy....

272 days ago

Raechele Wilson-Doran    

Really, TMZ?! This was a little backward, but not anti-Semitic. She was trying to compliment the Jewish people for being smart. Are we going to say she's sexist if she says all women are strong? Or racist for saying that all African Americans are attractive? Or ageist for saying the elderly all have something to contribute to the younger generation. It's a sweeping generalization, which is called bias, but bias isn't always negative. It isn't correct, but it isn't inherently bad.

272 days ago


LMAO!!!! that lady is crazy.

272 days ago


How was she talking crap about jews? Clearly she said she loved jews.

272 days ago

donald keith    

what do you expect from a woman who can't tell the difference between an IOU and a IUD ? LMAO

272 days ago


Whereas, she certainly isn't the most eloquent of individuals, I think it is clear that she wasn't speaking with any malice towards Jews. If anything, I heard more admiration in her statement. Is she playing to a stereotypical ideal? Yes, she definitely is, but I believe she is too ignorant to even begin to wrap her head around that concept. I vote we give her a pass on this particular instance, but I certainly hope someone clues her in on what is considered socially acceptable as it relates to ethnicity, religion, etc.

272 days ago

Big D    

Yet Another Stupid reality show. Can't the morons in Hollywood think of anything original . They put Honey Boo Boo, and the shows Hollywood Hillbillies, and the other shows of mountain or county folks on TV so the big city folks can laugh at them. Hillbilly, Redneck and good ole boys have become popular these days.

272 days ago

Pure Evil    

Jews make good motza.

271 days ago


To put such stories up like this shows how arrogant Jews are. Of course they don't do manual
labor, they swindle, hoard, and exploit other races. Hollywood is run by Jews, and
look at all the garbage that's being released. That said, Steven Spielberg is the only Jewish
person in Hollywood that I have love for...IMO Jews practice nepotism; they only want their kind
in charge so they can continue to exploit other races and manipulate society.

271 days ago


Jews are not so much too smart for manual labor,it's that they're brilliant at slithering their way out of doing it, and manipulating other races into doing it. Their comedians will then use a smartass joke(read: excuse) like "If God had meant for Jews to do manual labor,we'd have been born with a shovel in our hands."

271 days ago
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