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Dean McDermott

Accused of Royally Screwing Cooking Staff

1/23/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tori Spelling
is not the only one who got the shaft from Dean McDermott ... we're told he has stiffed the people who created his new cookbook, even though he got tons of money for the project.

Dean currently hosts a show in Canada -- the Canadian version of the U.S. show "Chopped" and it's doing well in no small part because of his domestic issues. So Harlequin publishing company decided to make a cookbook deal with him.

So Dean authored a book called "The Gourmet Dad" -- a personal account of a guy's guy who cooks for his family.

Sources connected with the cookbook tell TMZ ... Dean received an advance of more than $250,000 from Harlequin, but part of that money was for Dean to cover all expenses.  When it came to paying the people who worked on the book, however, it was a very different story.

We're told Dean stiffed the following people:

-- Photographer ... $33,319.80
-- Food Stylist ... $14,648.74
-- Prop stylist ... $6,609.91
-- Canadian taxes ... $6,613.40

The people Dean stiffed say they've called him repeatedly and sent him emails and texts but he's blown them off.

Staffers -- many of whom work on "Chopped" -- are indignant, because they let Dean live in their homes for free during the book and show projects and fed him gratis. 

Now they call him "The biggest mooch in Toronto."

The next move, we're told is a lawsuit.  And they have an ace in the hole ... the photog wants an injunction, preventing Dean from using his pics until he's paid.


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Fat crook

274 days ago


I can't believe that one chick from that vodka bar in Toronto banged him. He's not even remotely attractive with that sagging face of his, plus, he's old enough to be her uncle. The only reason why people in Toronto might be even slightly interested in him is because he left his seed in some Toronto chick's vadge, and stuff like that, and Rob Ford, are what keeps peoples' interest percolating during the 2nd coldest winter in Toronto's modern history.

274 days ago

Kev the Realist    

if anyone has watched the show, it SUCKS. He is a lifeless, boring host who does not lend any credibility to the show and provides no cooking guidance to the contestants or the audience.

274 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

These are especially disturbing charges because these are "little" people in the sense of their resources. When you stiff someone like this, they are very probably taking a big hit in the bank account. I sure hope he straightens this out very quickly. Cheating on Tori is one thing, screwing your employees is another.

274 days ago


gourmet that!

274 days ago


So, it's more clear now why the dog boarding lady wasn't paid ... and then got paid all at once. Dean got paid, stiffed the photographer to pay the dog boarder lady. Why doesn't Tori just beg her mom for a couple million bucks so she can file for divorce and get her own place? Her mom must know she can't take it with her, right?

274 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

How about The Gourmet Loser

274 days ago

She's baaaack    

Oh my, who would have thunk it? Here's a guy who left a wife and a bio kid with an adoption of another hanging mid-air, leaving her for "greener pastures" and marrying her before daddy kicked the bucket. I have absolutely no doubt he married her money but got screwed by all the kids and the hope that the fortune would come his way eventually. He has been perfectly happy to let her work and come up with idea after idea to try to keep the money rolling in, while riding her coattails and contributing his sperm. A man abandons his first family and screws over his second when the money doesn't pan out but you think he's going to be worried about paying strangers? You reap what you sow.

274 days ago


Boy he turned out to be a grade a douche. Lives off of Tori, cheats, and when he does get a paid gig he cheats people. His family must be so proud. Dumba$$

274 days ago

Choose Laughter    

Hey, he has SEX ADDICTION he can't help but screw people!!!

274 days ago

Steven Peacock    

With all the Canadian Jackass celebrities , including Justin Bieber right down to Dean Mcdermott giving us Canadians a bad reputation, its time for people to put an end to the corrupt actions these jackasses protray to their fans... This is not the way to act, by any means. Yes McDermott is a slithering money grubbing whore, who married for money and not love.. Take his TV show off the air, and don't buy any of his books.. Let him fall a few hundred pegs on the ladder, so he can see what he is jepoardizing

274 days ago


Aaron spelling money not coming fast enough . You reap what you sow vicTORIa LOL!!!

274 days ago


Why would a skunk who dumped his wife for bug eyes and $ be accused of such foolishness?

274 days ago


Nobody watches Chopped Canada because of McDermot. I didn't even know who he was until the third episode. We watch it because it's a good show. I bet most of us who watch it recognize the celebrity chef judges more than McDermott. Quite frankly as a host he doesn't have much of a personality.

274 days ago


The bottom line is Tori and Dean have 4 kids who are going to lose out. Also, Dean has one almost grown who grew up with an absantee father. At least these kids will be well provided for and Tori has plenty of help from nannies. Most kids aren't that lucky. I want to feel bad for Tori but it must of crossed her mind how they initially came together but of course she must of felt like most people do in the beginning-that love will conquer all. It's true what they say..You reap what you sew and karma will always come back and bite you in the butt. I have a feeling Tori will be fine although it could be a little hard to find a new guy willing to take on 4 very young kids that aren't his even as a step father. Maybe Tori should take the next 10 years and just concentrate on her career and being a mom. If she does that she will be ok.

274 days ago
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