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Justin Bieber

Radio Station Gives Him Silent Treatment

Until He Goes to Rehab

1/23/2014 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A radio station in Canada is trying to do what Scooter Braun can't ... get Justin Bieber into rehab ... but the station has a secret weapon.

Hot 89.9 in Ottawa just radioed out to its listeners -- Justin is persona non grata on its airwaves UNTIL he checks himself into a facility to get badly needed help for drug abuse.

So far Justin has laughed off all attempts to get him into treatment. 

Sounds good in theory ... but seriously, the guy hasn't had a hit in a while so who's gonna really notice?



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I say get Charlie Sheen as his manager, and let's see what the boy can do!

251 days ago


I"m sure he's all kinds of pissy about this. I bet he confers with his thuggies to put the squeeze on Hot89.9. No point in forcing anyone into rehab. Brooke "$heen" - 20 times?!! Even Linds suffered through rehab 6 times, having to really hide her gacking and guzzling for weeks at a time. Luckily, there's nothing to boycott involving Linds. She doesn't do anything except get blitzed at nightclubs every morning, and they won't boycott her, since they usually charge her triple for her liquor bill.

251 days ago


Good one smart company out of the any idiotic ones still endorsing his dumba**ss.

251 days ago


Whoa the chick in the picture?

251 days ago


I got a feeling he did this to purposefully get MAJOR PR. There is no way that his advisors would allow him to be so reckless with the whole world watching. He needs rehab and he needs it on a private island where he can get away from his fake friends and constant stares. This kind of life would drive anybody crazy. And another thing, I think this mug shot B.S. must be a MUST for HOLLYWOOD. Damn, they love a camera!!!

251 days ago


Wow, we're going to stop playing any one of his 23 songs???? The brat needs to be accountable for his actions and his his parents need to stop being his "friend" and be a PARENT!!!!! Throw his butt in jail, rehab is an excuse for bad behaviour.

251 days ago


Well done!!!!!!

251 days ago

Danilo Khury    

Seriously, just ignore him. Soon he will OD and we can laugh at some toher tenn "idol" that will **** up his life.

It´s the natural cycle of things.

251 days ago


cops justin b

251 days ago


Well he's from Canada,.. Where the legal limit is only 18 and eveyone is that crazy by the time they are his age..

251 days ago


He was still high in that mug shot. The glassy eyes, dark circles, bags, acne. Typical user. And happy!!! Whoo-hoo smile for the camera.

251 days ago


With Canadian content laws (a certain percent of songs played on Canadian airways MUST be by a Canadian artist) this will definitely be noticed in Canada. Don't know this will be enough to matter to him though.

251 days ago


Listen I think he is a dueche but at his age I was doing the same stupid things but never got caught or sent to rehab...I know this is gonna sound bad but he is still a kid and I gurrantee that more than half of people his age are out doing the same thing....doesn't make it right but it's the truth...I don't think he needs rehab but he needs to go to an island, mature some more then come back to "hollywood'....I know if I was his age and makin the same money as him I'd probably be gettin into a lot trouble too

251 days ago


Maybe he's just going through a rebellious stage and will return to the "core" values that he had when he was a kid. Or, maybe he'll continue to self-destruct himself into an early grave. It's not looking good... I hope he comes to his senses before it's too late.

250 days ago


Radio station z100 in Portland, Oregon is doing the same thing!

250 days ago
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