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Charlie Sheen

Cops Called Over 4-Person Mansion Rager

1/24/2014 10:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
doesn't know the definition of "low key" -- TMZ has learned, cops were called to his house last night ... over a party that was SUPPOSED to be a small, intimate gathering of friends.

Sources tell us, Charlie and 3 or 4 close friends were kicking it after he had spent all day shooting for "Anger Management." It was a long day and Charlie needed to unwind ... drinks, music, yadda yadda ... so he invited some pals over to relax.

But in typical Warlord fashion, we're told the intimate gathering quickly spiraled into an all-out rager ... and the neighbors finally called police to complain about the noise.

We're told cops responded to the scene ... and informed Sheen's security about the noise complaints. Charlie agreed to keep it down and, voila, the police left without further incident.

Just another Thursday night for the Masheen.


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274 days ago


Poor Charlie, he couldn't stand being upstaged by a 19 year old for two days on TMZ. Wow, Charlie had a wild party and police asked security to turn it down. You guys are really grasping for straws lately.

274 days ago


He needs jail too

274 days ago


There's only so much someone's body can take. One day you'll wake up and read he's dead. At least his daughters have a great mom, but not even for his sons could he straighten up his life.

274 days ago


That's WarLOCK. Not Warlord.

274 days ago

OHWELL Works For TMZ    

I'm a punk ass white boy who has nothing to do but talk **** about black people on the net. I wouldn't dare say these things to their face, cause I know I would get my ass kicked. There are millions just like me. I wish I could speak my mind in public, but I'm just too scared. I don't know how to fight like black men, they are too quick, strong and athletic. Thank god the internet was invented so my people can express their hate without any repercussions. Oh, and I like peeping in little girls windows.

274 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Isn't he a few years too old to be incurring the wrath of neighbors for loud parties? Guess not. Sad.

274 days ago


Love this guy!!!! :)

274 days ago


o-kay... moving on...

274 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

The pressure of being a drug addict is getting to Chuckles.
A far as his "rager" and his need for alcohol and drugs, would be destroying my last 12 brain cells if my show was tanking that bad.

274 days ago


Can't wait for this DB to OD.

274 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I'm pretty impressed that Charlie made it through the holidays without landing in a holding cell. I think he broke some sort of personal record.

274 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, why has Charlies HIT SHOW not shown a new episode in almost a month now? They have episodes in the can but are not showing them. THE MACHINE IS DEAD - all that's left in it's place is this pathetic, drug addled defect.

274 days ago

Sabin Gomez    

hmmmm .. stupid...

274 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

HEY TMZ - why waste our time with this loser when you can tell us all about Lohan's NEW MOVIE. Lindsay Stars!!!!! Lindsay Produces!!!!! SUNDANCE!!!!!!
Why nothing on our favorite crack whoar and how she talked Oprah into doing this phony press conference? Why nothing about how she's the "producer" of something that's going to start filming in 6 weeks with NO ACTORS COMMITTED? Why nothing about the fact that IMDB doesn't have word one about her "triumphant return" to the silver screen?
WHY NOTHING???????????

274 days ago
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