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Magic Johnson

RIPS Dennis Rodman

You're a Pathetic Traitor

1/28/2014 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's not often you hear Magic Johnson talkin' smack -- so when the NBA legend blasted Dennis Rodman on national TV this week ... you know he's gotta be really mad.

Magic appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and went off on The Worm ... ripping the guy as a "pathetic" traitor for leading his infamous basketball mission in North Korea.

"You can't go to a place that is trying to harm us," Johnson said. He went on to shame Rodman for somehow managing to LOSE the game -- noting that North Korean's aren't very tall people.

You gotta check out the clip ... Magic was almost as harsh on Rodman as he is on Mike D'Antoni.

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Rodman is the epitome of a pathetic traitor.. I wish they'd just deny his passport and keep him in NK.

269 days ago


Magic speaks the truth!!!!

269 days ago


It is easy for Magic to grandstand saying North Korea is trying to harm the US without saying how. North Korea, China, Iran or any other "country" for that matter since the Japanese Invasion has NOT manned any planes or a flotilla of ships, crossed an ocean to drop a bomb, fired a single shot or attempted to invade the US or any other Western country. Since the Japanese invasions of the past I challenge any one to name a Middle East or Eastern "country" that has! The ONLY countries that CONTINUE to invade other countries crossing oceans are countries from Western Alliances. Remember WMD the "excuse" to invade Iraq DIDN"T exist! Terrorist don't belong to any country's national army. To say you can go to war or invade a country to fight terrorism is akin to saying we are at war with fight crime or drugs. It's a fight you can't win because you can't snuff it out completely.

So why are Eastern countries branded as enemies? They practice a different form of government, they aren't predominately Christian countries, they elect to bare arms and want nukes to protect there self like Western Governments do? If we as individuals brand our own people as enemies because they commit crimes, have human rights violations in the form of institutionalized racism, do we turn around and do "business" with such individuals or groups; if we do, doesn't that make them Friendnemies I hate you but how can I make money off of you!

I see no difference in what Rodman has done and when Mohammad Ali refuse to fight in a war against the Vietnamese. "Why should I fight a war against people who have done nothing to me?" The government and media both smeared Ali just like they are doing with Rodman for not towing the Western Party Line. If you think about it, if North Korea was a threat to the US in any way the government would have placed a ban on traveling to North Korea but it hasn't! The government only got upset because of fear of loosing a propaganda war!

The WEST can not brag about the right of freedom and liberty and then turn on people who choose to embrace and exercise those rights when a individual disagrees with it party line. If you as an individual don't like or hate someone, doesn't mean that I have to. So I ask you, how can we Rodman was a traitor? Being an embarrassment doesn't make Rodman a traitor. You and I wouldn't have done what Rodman did, but that was His choice rather we agree with it or not. His visit did no harm to the US. It wasn't as if he was selling arms or state secrets that Rodman has no access to, so why brand the man a traitor?

267 days ago
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