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Nick Carter

Send Bieber Back to Canada

My American Bro Is Better Anyway

1/29/2014 7:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber is no Aaron Carter ... so says A.C.'s older bro Nick, who tells TMZ the Bieb should take his Canadian ass back to where he came from, stat!

Here's the deal ... we were out at the Maxfield store in Malibu yesterday when we asked the brothers if there was any real comparison between Justin and Aaron -- a former teen heartthrob who some people say was the "original" Justin Bieber.

That's when Nick broke it down ... saying, "Justin Bieber's cool and all ... a whole new generation .... but he's Canadian. Aaron's American."

He continued, "Go back to Canada, Justin ... America, stick with my brother."



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How can you even compare the two?

236 days ago


Looks to me that Aaron Carter is still a tweaker eh

236 days ago


we don't want him anymore either, he an embarrassment and acts more like an american than a canadian anyways, so y'all can keep him or drown him or do whatever you want to him

236 days ago


serious? clearly too much time on your hands...and the American role models are lil wayne? (possession)..Tupac (rape) Phil Spector (murder) Rick James (kidnapping) Bobby Brown (DUI/possession) lil Kim (perjury/conspiracy) R Kelly (child pornography)..etc, etc, etc, etc.. come home Justin, it's not worth all the money in the world to deal with this crap..your young people are being mowed down in a culture of death and desctuction hid behind your right to bear arms...a little pot smoking? really? time for a good long look in the mirror.

236 days ago


Wow, a druggie saying another druggie is better than another druggie.
Americans: You made Justin Bieber what he is today......YOU KEEP HIM!!!!

236 days ago

Tara Sue    

Im not Justin Fan, but reality check Nick, your brother is NO Justin Beiber and never was......

236 days ago


I am lost and don't get me wrong I want Bieber to go back to CANADA too but he is an American too. Call me crazy but Canada is apart of America just not the U.S. Please people be smarter -

236 days ago



236 days ago

belieber forever.    

whata loser

236 days ago


They all suck

236 days ago


Those are the options???

236 days ago


That's a good trade. Done deal. And I'll throw all the Bieliebers in the deal. Adios ass pickles

236 days ago


erm...when you suck at singing twice as badly as the person you are playing the nationality card on YOU ARE MAKING YOUR COUNTRY LOOK BAD

236 days ago


This right here is what's wrong with the world🌏 Half of the stuff Justin is accused of he hasn't done and it's been confirmed with proof. Justin never spat on fans, and Grover called a girl a beach whale she admitted to lying on Twitter📱. The things he has done like peeing in a mop bucket, getting speeding tickets, cursing out a past president okay people do those on a daily bases, but Justin did apologize to Bill remember Justin was intoxicated when he cursed him out and pissed in a mop bucket. On Google news they said the chargers against Justin were dropped for the DUI and drag racing because cops lied, I saw the video myself he wasn't speeding and they said he had barely any alcohol in his system. When it comes down to Justin's mistakes the haters are close minded hypocrites. Btw you don't have to be a genius to figure why most guys dislike Bieber it's called envy the guys who attack Justin on his appearance constantly are the ones I'm talking about. The others just do it to fit in. Nobody has a real reason to hate Justin honestly, to lose respect yes✅ To hate him no❌. There is shootings happening every day innocent people dying and yet people are focused on one individuals mistakes how sad and twisted. If anyone needs to be deported it's the ignorant people spreading hate. If Justin ever got deported do you know how many suicides would be happening❓ Those 49 million + fans of his over half are still alive BECAUSE of him remember that. Society is doomed do to people not thinking for themselves🔥 You Justin has depression was diagnosed 5⃣ months ago you think people care no they just keep on hating yeah and Justin's the douche bag though right. He has tried to OD multiple times but Khali is friend stopped him thank god. Society killed the teenager🌏 How many more suicides need to happen to make people realize words HURT. Justin broke the record for the make a wish foundation, he has helped build over 55 schools for the needy, he donated his Christmas album profits to charity to help feed the homeless. Ariana Grande, Oprah, Eminem, Will Smith, Billy Ray Cyrus all respect Justin why because they know he's a good person. You people who claim to hate Justin are close minded judgmental hypocrites. You a guy who has been called a girl since the beginning of his career until now is honestly going to be alright?

236 days ago

nick n aaron rock    

NICK AND AARON YOU ARE RIGHT AND YOU BOTH ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with you one hundred and fifty percent that AC is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Better and JB is a copycat wannabe that aint never gonna be and needs to take his copycatting untalented butt back to Canada. I am so sick of how people think hes such a great person I never saw anything on the two of you being in jail or egging a neighbors hows threatening to kill them. Or taking over anyones music as he did. I love you AC AND NICK and I have since I was a little girl aqnd I always will I still jam to u two everyday.

236 days ago
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