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George Zimmerman

I Wanna Fight Kanye West

For Beating Up 'Defenseless People'

2/3/2014 12:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0203_kanye_zimmerman_gettyGeorge Zimmerman wants to beat up Kanye West ... ironically because the rapper has a history of attacking "defenseless people."

Promoters for Zimmerman's upcoming celeb boxing match tell us he badly wants to step in the ring with Yeezus.  The promoters are deliciously Machiavellian --- knowing for many it will become a choice between 2 evils ... thus becoming a must-see spectacle.

We're told George's beef with Kanye is not just that he attacks paparazzi  ... but the innocents as well -- like the 18-year-old who allegedly called Kim an "N***** lover."

The promoters say if Kanye takes Zimmerman up on the offer ... they're willing to move the fight to L.A.

We'd livestream that.


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News Flash     

Plezzzzzzz get him out of Florida!

229 days ago


You have to actually be someone important to be assassinated.

229 days ago


While I would LOVE to see Zimmerman beat the living fluck outta West, he would prob be paid big bucks to throw the fight. Hey just another opportunity for Trashkardasian to make news cause you know she'd be at ringside cheering him on and every 5 seconds, the camera would pan to her ugly face

229 days ago


LOL, he's only saying that b/c he has like 200 extra lbs on Kanye West. I see he didn't respond to the fight requests from the other rappers who wanted to fight him that TMZ was posting. All he has to do is sit on Kanye and it would be over

229 days ago


How do you know you're an idiot? When you get in a fight with Kanye West and the crowd cheers for Kanye.

229 days ago


Please someone beat this ****heads ass already!!!!

229 days ago


Zimmerman is a fat miserable bastard....just stay in the house & play GTA if u want to keep killing & fighting things!

229 days ago


Neither of these fools deserve to be paid for this. Don't support this foolery by not watching!

229 days ago

BB not bb    

When one outcast is challenged to a fight under the schoolyard group dynamics, that one will usually try to drag down another weak and marginal member of the group with them. In this case Kanye West is the one called out. If George can take him down, he is under the impression that will lift himself up.I don't think it is right for anyone to take out justice and revenge on another in order to increase popularity. Jesus said to love one another.

If George is a Christian he shouldn't be buying into this fighting for status ethic. I don't think people will respect him for this. He may even lose respect for himself. He will either lose the fight badly or hurt someone for dubious reasons. He doesn't seem like the type who gets off on violence or thinks it is fun, no matter what the media and mad dog public say.

If you don't think that beating people up is fun, how are you going to be a boxer? It just makes no sense. This is the wrong venue for him to redeem himself.

If he entered an art show with a jury, that would be better. He doesn't care about succeeding in what he is good at any more. He only wants to succeed at what it seems society hates him for not being good enough at, which is street fighting.

229 days ago

Georgia Wife    

George, just shut up and live your life quietly. You're bound to tick someone off and they'll kill you.

229 days ago

Tessa Brannan    

O, that's rich coming from him.

229 days ago


How bout all 3 of them mothafuuckas kanye, the game, and dmx whoop dat *****s ass tag team style

229 days ago

Logic Dealer    

It's amazing how many miles this character is getting. Maybe he should contact the Long Island Medium and she can channel Trayvon for a rematch no gun this time.

229 days ago


This useless waste of human flesh needs to go away faaaaaaaaaaaar away .....come to Detroit we will show you a 'good old fashioned 'ass beating

229 days ago


Zimmerman against Kanye? I'd watch that!

229 days ago
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