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Philip Seymour Hoffman

Nods Off On Plane After Drinking Binge

2/3/2014 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman was out like a light minutes after boarding a plane in Georgia last week ... after he was seen hitting the bottle at an Atlanta bar ... TMZ has learned.

According to a passenger ... Hoffman was out almost as quickly as he took his seat for the NY-bound jet Thursday ... his head falling forward into his chest.

We're told sometime after the plane took off ... PSH came to ... groggy and disheveled.  After the flight touched down, we're told he was quickly put on a waiting airport cart and whisked away.

As we first reported ... Hoffman had been drinking in a downtown Atlanta bar earlier that day -- just 3 days before his death --  witnesses said he appeared drunk and made repeated trips to the bathroom.



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Mystery Guest    

Is this really necessary? We all know he had substance abuse problems.

225 days ago


Yeah, let's canonize another poor drug addict, NOT! This guy was just some poor dumb fool - just like those on thousands of street corners who turn up dead through their own deeds. This guy went in for treatment, came out clean for decades and then starts up again - THAT'S the height of stupidity in my book!

225 days ago


Ok, I don't agree with how he died.. But this is a little to much! The man died and paid the ultimate price now tmz leave it alone!

225 days ago


F**k that the body ain't even cold yet (maybe) GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT! We're the pathetic ones, not the dead guy.

225 days ago


If you look at the picture, it appears he has a tablet or phone in his hands. I seriously doubt if he nodded off due to heroin that he'd be able to hold on to the device. Either way TMZ very disrespectful to post this pic so soon after death. Since when is this news??????

225 days ago


I don't think this should be publicized any more. The man died. He was sober for many years. He fell. Don't kick him when he's dead. Does anyone agree? I heard the day before they found him he WAS at a bar. The Chocolate Bar, where he often took his children. Just seems it's obvious. We get it. No need for this. He's DEAD. We can be respectful.

225 days ago


It feels eery seeing these pictures from just a few days ago knowing the path this took

225 days ago


This is extremely disrespectful. Crossing the line. Tmz I hope all of your children become addicts so you can truelly feel the wrath of the disease. Maybe then you'll think before you post **** like this

225 days ago


Forget him nodding off. Dude was flying Delta commercial. And not first class. Heck! I'll take a laced needle for that.

225 days ago

phil osopher    

Let Phillip RIP will ya. He hasn't even been buried yet for God's sake.
Next you're, (TMZ), are going to look at the religious significance on the world market this will have. On our 401K's and on the stock market.
You're getting carried away!
TMZ, enough is enough!

225 days ago


Anyone & everyone who knows anything about opiates knows to never mix alcohol with them. I am sure he even knew that. BTW, I agree with the people who say tmz should leave him rest in peace. I really hope tmz doesn't turn this into another Paul walker. Where they followed the family and posted stories, which were later proven untrue.

225 days ago


Thanks TMZ. You proved, once again, how trashy you can be. Let the man RIP. You have NO IDEA if he was drunk, using drugs or SIMPLY TIRED, and he's no longer here to respond.

225 days ago


I have to wonder if he was molested as a kid. He appeared to have a loving family. The roots of his demons are not known, but something bad happened to him.

225 days ago


Let thé man rest in peace.

225 days ago


Really tmz! Always deleting my posts, I never use swear words, I just share my opinion on your articles and share my disgust at some of them like this one trashing a great guy who just passed away who has children than can read this! Let him rest in peace, and let people post their dang opinions especially the ones that don't swear or say anything offensive, you post pictures of a women's breast with a 19 year old boy suckin on one and his friend sucking on the other for children to see but u delete harmless posts because everyone doesn't agree with what u do sometimes

225 days ago
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