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Philip Seymour Hoffman

'Ace of Hearts' Heroin

Traced to Near Fatal OD

2/4/2014 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several bags of heroin found in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment were potentially lethal ... so says a woman who almost died from using the brand.

We got this photo from a woman who is very familiar with the NYC heroin scene. She asked us not to ID her. The woman gave us this picture, showing the "Ace of Hearts" heroin brand.

She tells us she injected herself with a "tiny bit" of "Ace of Hearts" back in Sept., and says she stopped breathing almost instantly. She was revived with CPR and landed in the hospital.

The woman says when she got out of the hospital she went to cops and told them about what she called a lethal strain of heroin going around NYC.

The woman says she saw Hoffman on the streets in the weeks before he died and it was apparent to her he was strung out.

We do not know if Hoffman injected himself with "Ace of Hearts" the day he died, since there were dozens of heroin bags in his apartment.  It appears Hoffman may have died quickly after an injection, since a needle was sticking out of his left arm when he was found.


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What is a strain of heroin? Heroin is heroin. It was probably raw and the guy OD'd on it by using too much. I'm sure toxicology will confirm this. I bet he had benzos and alcohol in his system as well. Why can't the blame fall on him for killing himself by shooting up? The heroin can't be the scapegoat.

262 days ago

no BS    

Nothing new around here:

262 days ago


Source: Junkie

262 days ago


Heroin is not heroin.That's why each strain has a different name. Great job tmz now all the heroin users are going to seek this out.

262 days ago


Wait a second here. The woman went to the cops to snitch about using heroin and overdosing? I'm sorry but I don't believe this so called woman went to police. No way.

262 days ago

no BS    

Nothing new around here:

262 days ago

Cynthia George-Bates    

TMZ... you really suck sometimes. You try to make news when there is NONE. This is NOT relevant. This is pure speculation. REAL news reports a deadly brand of heroin is going around the East Coast because it's laced with Fentanyl. You're not scooping anything. You're simply capitalizing on someone's unfortunate death.

262 days ago


Why do people even use heroin.

Why put such stuff in your body, how can any of it be deemed safe or safer.

These drug dealers need to go down. Sick people who sell this crap to others.

262 days ago


It's been my own experience?

That when we have someone(s) taking care of us -

i.e. Our needs, which mostly speaks to financial?

We let them go on as-long-as-they-want.

Even though we know they're ill and need help.

We don't wish to speak out or upset these people.

As we have a car or house payment on the first.

Those who DO open their very-large-mouths (me)?

Find themselves on the outside-looking-in.

But guilt-free when the clock strikes twelve...

262 days ago

my 2 cents    

Dealers don't like snitches.

262 days ago


You know, there a simple solution to this, right? DON'T FREAKING USE HEROIN!! Then, there will be zero chance of you dying, or almost dying, from it.

262 days ago


How could there have been any other possible outcome but DEATH in this insane situation?

262 days ago


FRIENDS tell you the truth about yourself.

The problem is?

Our 209 "friends" over Facebook?

Those smiling in our faces at premiere's and openings?

Could give 2 spits.

262 days ago


The grocer near his place observed PSH was "grey."


Have you ever been "grey?" - I have ...

They watch you stagger out of the room and say:

"Jeezus_Kerist-t-t-t but he looks awful..."

Enablers, Hangerz-On, "Friends..."

What fricken' good are they?!

LOSE all of them, Justin Bieber!

The SECOND someone SLAPS you on the back?

Do yourself a favor - break their nose.

262 days ago


If everyone were as perfect as all the commenters on tmz all the knowledgeable people here, we'd all be living in the perfect world- according to all the commenters here!

262 days ago
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