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Philip Seymour Hoffman

'Ace of Hearts' Heroin

Traced to Near Fatal OD

2/4/2014 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Several bags of heroin found in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment were potentially lethal ... so says a woman who almost died from using the brand.

We got this photo from a woman who is very familiar with the NYC heroin scene. She asked us not to ID her. The woman gave us this picture, showing the "Ace of Hearts" heroin brand.

She tells us she injected herself with a "tiny bit" of "Ace of Hearts" back in Sept., and says she stopped breathing almost instantly. She was revived with CPR and landed in the hospital.

The woman says when she got out of the hospital she went to cops and told them about what she called a lethal strain of heroin going around NYC.

The woman says she saw Hoffman on the streets in the weeks before he died and it was apparent to her he was strung out.

We do not know if Hoffman injected himself with "Ace of Hearts" the day he died, since there were dozens of heroin bags in his apartment.  It appears Hoffman may have died quickly after an injection, since a needle was sticking out of his left arm when he was found.


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Just like whitney houston john belushi river phoenix micheal jackson anna nicole smith marvin gaye all these people had demons and drug issues does the poor choices they made that caused their demise overshadow their contributions and accomplishments to the world. People are so insensitive,and narrow minded .A man died are we all that callous that we forgot what he contributed to mankind,those that live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones and remember that GOD judgesALL

207 days ago


As opposed to the good heroin that can't kill you?

207 days ago


Bs an addict when to tell police.

207 days ago


What kind of dealer brands their drugs? They might as well have called themselves 'the wet bandits'!

207 days ago


At least he didn't "buy the farm" in front of his kids for them to discover the corpse in their home. Probably a good move to boot him out before the seemingly inevitable. The man had a death wish plain and simple

207 days ago


Seriously TMZ, this story is a new low. Now you are interviewing other junkies to get some inside scoop on the drug scene?! Just let the man rest in peace. If you have some real news to report then please do but don't resort to this sort of "journalism." You can do better!

206 days ago


Actually, this story is pretty interesting. It's also a warning to other heroin addicts in NYC. There's probably some truth in what she is saying.

206 days ago


They need to bust the dealer who's selling this stuff.

206 days ago


Thank God I use the Ace of Diamonds brand. I got nervous for a second.

206 days ago


hope this to to tmz really i like the show but really the people that give shots and smartass comments does any of you have a ****ing mirror you talkking about a star really with your empty strbucks cup and bad hair and clthes girls check yourself bitch you taliing **** and you all live with momma or roomates or car maybe lol funny but you make me lol and love the gay boss yummy whats in that oprah cup man

206 days ago


It should not be difficult for the NYC cops to uncover where this stuff is coming from and who is selling it.. It makes me wonder why they have not stopped this months ago on the streets of NYC.

206 days ago


Phillip Seymour Hoffman had more talent in his pinky toe than any of the losers at TMZ.

206 days ago


Why do these drugs when you have all you've ever dreamed of? I think I know the answer maybe it's the drive to achieve that keeps us alive and when that's gone, we're gone.

206 days ago


"A LETHAL strain of heroin!" Oh, okay, so heroin without this "lethal" strain is alright! Give me a break, ALL heroin can kill, a "lethal" strain has nothing to do with it!!! This makes it sound like other heroin is okay and safe!

206 days ago


So explain why this is a story? She never talked with him, never did drugs with him... Just saw him on the street and said she thought he was strung out? How much did that tip cost you TMZ? Why is this even a story.

206 days ago
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