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Philip Seymour Hoffman

A Single Drink

Ultimately Led to Death

2/6/2014 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman's recent and fatal path down the road of addiction was triggered by an innocent drink ... sources close to the actor tell TMZ.

Hoffman had been sober for 23 years prior to shooting "The Master" -- but during a wrap party in 2012, the actor succumbed to temptation ... and celebrated the movie with a drink ... which quickly became a couple of drinks.

Hoffman acknowledged to confidants ... the drinks opened the floodgates.  Addictions experts all say one drink can destroy an addict's life ... and that seems to be what happened here.

Sources tell us Hoffman didn't begin experimenting with heroin until 2013, after he had already fully fallen off the wagon. We're told he had long been curious about the drug.

It started with snorting -- and last May, he quickly checked into rehab because he was terrified it would escalate to IV use ... which it eventually did.


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This is damage control to get insurance money and to save face. He was a loser.

257 days ago


I hate Alcohal. It is a killer in more ways than one.

257 days ago


That article may save someone's life. It is so true.

257 days ago


I hate Alcohal. Its a killer in more ways than one.

257 days ago


You know what I think? He was sober for many years and then decided to live on the edge. Perhaps he wanted to go out happy. After all he was an addict all his life. He went out happy on a drug.

257 days ago


Is it too late to call The Wolf to clean up this mess?

257 days ago


Philip had an additive personality...if it was not one thing, it would be another, and from reading up on him, this is has been something that existed for a very long time. For whatever reason, within he was troubled and diseased. We can go back and forth and make attempts to figure it's too I hope he is now at peace.

257 days ago


This is a BS attempt by PSH "friends" to whitewash the truth. In regard to drugs, PSH himself said in an interview that "I liked it all..."

257 days ago


Ah, the brilliant reportage of TMZ. Hoffman wasn't "curious" about heroin. He was a former heroin addict.

257 days ago


He'd long been "curious" about heroin? Even though it has been proven time and time again to be the MOST ADDICTIVE DRUG? Don't get me wrong... I feel very bad for his family, but Mr. Hoffman should have known that it was a stupid, dangerous move to try heroin, especially since he'd had 20+ years of sobriety under his belt. I hope his kids can at least learn from this and not repeat his mistakes.

257 days ago


I just want Harvey and Charles to,know that as a former user of opiates, I know that its not just about wanting to or not to use this kind of drug once you've already started. If you stop cold turkey you can die, from being violently sick.

257 days ago


I drink ocasionally,if youre an alcoholic or an addct sux to be you end of story,and no pity party for you either.

257 days ago


Too funny...all the high and mighty critics out here...make your choices, raise your children, show up to work and pay the price for freedom...but for some, that's not enough. Most brilliant minds have tortured soles. The rest of us, we'll just have to read about it...slow down your judgement, it doesn't make you better. Rest in peace young Seymour, your work lives on...

257 days ago


All the addicts on this thread can verify that PSH had made that decision to *relapse* long before he did.Addicts rationalize.....they make excuses to justify what they are doing. He was a wealthy well connected guy who had every possible resource at his finger tips to help keep him sober yet he made that decision to *fall off the wagon* knowing full well he was going to spiral straight into hell. As a Psychiatric Trauma RN I have worked with practicing addicts...recovering addicts and fully healthy recovered addicts but for the life of me I could never understand why anyone would be depraved enough to inject drugs into themselves with a syringe. He had major psychological issues quite obviously that he refused to acknowledge or deal with them and a death wish. He got what he must have wanted a permanent *time out*!

257 days ago

terry chambers    

I have the same "deathwish". Today before the cravings started I dumped an almost full 1 1/2 litre of of Black Velvet down the drain. THIS IS FOR YOU, FELLOW ALCOHOLIC -- DO THE SAME THING -- NOW!

257 days ago
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