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Selena Gomez

Bailed On Rehab

2/6/2014 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Selena Gomez ignored the advice of medical professionals and waltzed out of rehab just 14 days into a 6-week program ... over the strenuous objections of the rehab staff ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Selena tell us just after New Year's she checked into a program at The Meadows called DAWN  -- for alcohol, pot and Rx Ambien -- in addition to what her people believe is an unhealthy union with Justin Bieber.

But 2 weeks in, Selena bailed so she could go the Sundance Film Festival for her upcoming movie.  She told her people she would return to the rehab facility after Sundance, but when it was over Selena decided she was cured and there was no reason to return.

Problem is ...  that's not the way the medical staff at The Meadows sees it ... the treatment program is 45-days and Selena bailed four weeks early.  We're told the staff feels it's essential in any recovery to complete the therapy.

Selena is telling her people ... she completed the toughest week, which the facility calls "Survivor's week" so everything is fine.  Thing is ... Selena's not the doctor -- she's the one with the problem.



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two weeks is not rehab, its little more than detox, very likely this girl will relapse, and usually the level of abuse increases due to the fact that the addict feels like theyve learned their lesson and are better for it..........bad thinking, what is needed is at least 90 days of live in treatment followed by 6 months to a year of sober living or at least day treatment..........she is on a slippery slope, and her handlers should if for no other reason than to protect their jobs, should get her back into treatment as soon as possible.........we have a recent example in Philip Seymour Hoffman.........there is a saying in the sober community.........paraphrasing "some of us must die so that others may see and recover and live"

226 days ago


Like TMZ knows everything! I don't believe 1/4 of this .
I'd like to know the source so they could lose their job & be sued for disclosing medical information.

226 days ago


Did Khloe Kardashian Sent Kylie To The Hospital?
HEY TMZ... SEND not sent

226 days ago


So she checked out of my program. WTH?

226 days ago


Selena deserves to have her pants pulled down and given a good spanking on her bare bottom with the belt.

225 days ago


Go back... she needs to go back...and then some.. so sad

225 days ago


I feel for Selena and all those young stars who grow up in the public eye. I know this comes part and parcel with the career path she chose, but her recovery is a personal matter and neither the hospital staff (if they indeed did leak the story) nor all of us should intercede. The fact, alone, that she sought help says to me she is aware of some problem and, if she does relapse into whatever it is, hopefully she has family and friends around her who will help her back to a program. As those kid stars go, she seems a lot more together than most. She seems, at least, to really care about how her fans perceive her and I believe Selena Gomez will continue being strong and will have a long career, if she decides that's what she wants.

225 days ago


People should leave this girl alone. It's a very tough thing to grow up, even tougher in the public eye. Rehab of any sort is a very personal matter and if this hospital really did leak info on her treatment, there should be repercussions. That's just sick and unprofessional. As these young stars go, Selena presents herself as a decent, hard-working actress and singer. Compared to the majority of those child stars we hear about -- including the one that she broke up with -- she is over all a pretty positive role model for kids and is trying to find a transition into adulthood. It's obviously a hard road with a lot of pitfalls and, that she recognized there was a problem and checked into rehab was a big step. If she does need more time there, it seems Ms. Gomez is surrounded by a strong family and good friends who will help her find her way back. I think she's doing the best she can and I wish her well.

225 days ago


That's sad one day she's going to wish she's stay in......

225 days ago


I need something after listening to their damn sap stories of how their life is so damn hard.....

225 days ago


so much money, fame , beauty and able to see the world like so many only wish they can. Yet so sad in life, and NOT just her but many in her fast paced life. Selena, I wish you the very best and truly hope you get well

225 days ago

Butt Lovin Bear 401    

First off I don't think she had a clue what rehab is all about. Second I think it was all a career move in an attempt to distance herself from Beiber & avoid being Lohan-ed. Meaning that because most people think of her & Beiber at the same time it would only be a matter of time before the movers & shakers in the entertainment business start avoiding her because they are afraid that she will suddenly develop a case of chronic "exhaustion" which was Lohan's trade mark. Yet she was still able to party from dusk till dawn with it. She may start to cancel appearances & show up late to the set & wherever else she is supposed t be, etc.

225 days ago

Mary Edmonson    

She's just like any other young starlet .... think she's smarter than anyone else. She'll learn .... the hard way; just like her ex-boyfriend Bieber. His downfall is around the corner.

225 days ago


This is all part of classic addicts' behavior. Denial. She hasn't hit rock bottom yet. Only she does so could she seriously start treatment. Let's just hope it's in a REAL facility, like a hospital, and not at a "spa". Rehab clinics are all a sham. I hope she gets the help she needs..

225 days ago


Just like Bieber. I'll do what I want, when I want.

225 days ago
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