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The Game

I Was Pulled Over Because I'm Black!

2/7/2014 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0207-the-game-copsPolice just pulled over rapper The Game in L.A. and searched his brand new Rolls Royce -- and Game is NOT happy ... claiming he was nabbed for DWB -- Driving While Black.

Game tells TMZ, police pulled him over for talking on his cellphone ... but he insists he wasn't. Game says he was ordered out of the car and police searched it without permission.

Game says officers were blunt  ... if he didn't let them search the car, they'd arrest him.

According to the rapper, once all was said and done -- and the officers came up empty -- they cited him for expired tags and impounded the Rolls.

Our cop sources insist it had nothing to do with race -- claiming Game WAS a cell phone scofflaw  ... and the search was a matter of protocol before impounding the car.


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Well then I must have been pulled over last week because I'm white! So tired of the morons who pull the race card.

257 days ago

Perry Cavitt    

Cell phone use...riiiight! Black man in a nice car MUST be guilty of something!

257 days ago


so sick of the race card being blamed for everything, how about you pay your california license fees on your auto and be current with your plate tags and then you wont be pulled over, just another looser blaming others for his irresponsibilities

257 days ago


How could it be a brand new Rolls and then have expired tags?

The game wants to not be profiled on other hand what a stereotype rich black man driving with expired tags!

257 days ago


I am NOT black, and I was pulled over for expired tags too!

257 days ago


Don't black people always get pulled over because they are black... ?? .....-_-.... Sarcasm*

257 days ago


drives with expired tags.then plays the race card when gets the **** do you afford a rollls yet cant afford to get new tags ****ing idiot

257 days ago

News Flash     

No, you were pulled over coz you ugly.

257 days ago

Nobody Special    

The Game, don't play The Game you Foo, or you will get the race card played, playa'.

Game, if your car had the New Tags on it (No Temp Paper Tag) and you were not talking on the phone, doing the speed limit, the cops would not have pulled you over.

257 days ago

News Flash     

I guess only the Kardashian girls get to use their phones.

257 days ago


Being racially profiled is a reality in the U.S., but if you're on your phone and have expired tags, you can't play the race card. The probable cause is likely weed. If they didn't have probably cause, then Game should be casual, because he can get a lawsuit out of it.

257 days ago


he was pulled over because he was ready to fight zimmerman

257 days ago


Give it up black people. Every time something bad happens to you blaming it on race. Keep crying wolf and while your at it see how it ended up for the kid in that story. Every single time it has to be about race doesnt it

257 days ago

Carl Fredricksen    

Stop crying-wolf, you weren't pulled over cause you're black, you were pulled over cause you're a -T-H-U-G-, with a criminal background...

257 days ago


If he was an illegal immigrant with no license or insurance and crashed his car into someone else then it would be no problemo. Might not have been because he's black but being black sure didn't help matters. he should have said me speak no English and they'd have let him go on his way.

257 days ago
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