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Beatles Guru

Taxman Was Right

MJ Collection Worth a Fortune!

2/9/2014 7:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


The Michael Jackson Estate is insane for trying to value MJ's Beatles collection at ZERO for tax purposes ... so says one of the most prominent Beatles experts in the world ... who also happens to be a tax attorney.

The Estate is in a dogfight with the IRS ... which claims MJs people stiffed the government on more than a half a BILLION dollars in taxes by undervaluing assets ... including MJs interest in songs by MJ and the Beatles.  The Estate says the asset is worth NOTHING.  The IRS says the Estate should have declared a value of $469 million.

Beatles guru and attorney Bruce Spizer tells TMZ, "No one could value that collection at zero with a straight face."  Spizer, who has written 8 books about the group that changed the world 50 years ago tonight on "The Ed Sullivan Show," says the IRS may have "slightly inflated" the value of the catalog, but believes it's definitely worth minimum $300 million and could be as much as $400 million.

Spizer says, "For the Estate to list the value at zero, they lose all credibility."

Reps for the MJ Estate tell TMZ, they dispute the entire IRS analysis of MJs assets.  The reps say they used nationally-recognized experts to determine value while the IRS wallows in speculation.

The reps say the Estate paid more than $100 mil in taxes and fully complied with the law.


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If the Beatles collection is worth ZERO, I have a dollar right here in my of u greedy Jacksons sign the "worthless" songs over to me and the buck is all yours!!

218 days ago


the only thing MJ valued was all the little white boys he molested.

218 days ago


look old grandmas jackson cant be spending money on IRS bills, tito and jermaine has more plastic surgery to obtain and back child support, and lets not forget attorney fees for frivolous lawsuits, and joe needs money for booze and hookers.

218 days ago


The beatles worth nothing? Hahahahaha That is probably the craziest thing I've ever heard

218 days ago


Everyone knows the IRS are crooks. I wouldn't worry about it too much. The Estate can fight their own legal battles.

218 days ago


If the MJ estate reps declared the Beatles songs at zero value they seriously need new management. That was basically an invitation to an IRS investigation. Just plain STUPID!

218 days ago

She's baaaack    

Whoever decided they could get over with valuing his Beatles portfolio at $0.00 must have been out of their freaking mind. The estate rents the music out for cover tours and national advertisements and who knows what else every month. I mean, they could have fudged a few million but ZERO? I hope they get taken to the cleaners and end up living back in the ghetto they came from.

218 days ago


he is rotting in hell his estate needs to go bankrupt too

218 days ago


She could always say she threw them out, along with his "baseball cards , comics and all his old record, i threw all that junk away"

218 days ago


Katherine Jackson that is

218 days ago

oh really     

I dont know why the only person named in this article is Michael Jackson..He is dead, he didnt file the tax papers , some lawyers did, but for some reason, TMZ gives their names a pass in this article.
Wasnt Mj told he was broke and had to do those shows , that AEG was paying for the popsicles his kids were eating , so he better do things their way , or he would lose everything.
This guy was surrounding by money hungry vultures since he was 5 years old.
Nothing that happens when it comes to his finances surprises me anymore,'By the way , Im pretty sure NBC or whoever owns them paid ZERO in taxes, thanks to their own team of tax lawyers also

218 days ago


Did anyone think that s***my family wouldn't try to cheat? Throw them all in jail.

218 days ago

Vic Creed    

White collar crime.

218 days ago


The recordings of Latoya are worth a fortune as well!

218 days ago


Pay up you tax evaders!

218 days ago
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