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Jay Leno

I'm Done With Television

... For Good

2/10/2014 8:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect Jay Leno to hijack "The Tonight Show" back from Jimmy Fallon ... because the ex late-night host swears he's done with TV ... FOREVER.

Jay was in West Palm Beach Florida -- but not to start his retirement.   Leno was there to perform stand-up comedy just two days after his exit from "The Tonight Show."

Jay's answer may come as a surprise ... especially since he left the show in 2010 ... then famously wrangled it back from Conan O'Brien.

So, we gotta ask ...


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your own luck    

I hope he is telling the truth and that would be a first. I hope he crawls into a hole and I never see him again.

253 days ago


I think he's done having his own late night shows. His target demographic just isn't there anymore. He's probably do other shows though. Likely involving cars.

253 days ago


Word is he got canned for his political jokes. ??? Who knows.

253 days ago

Carol L    

I believe he means Time will tell. I hope he does something on CNN. He's great at interviewing political folks.

253 days ago


Get your facts straight TMZ! He was fired from the show in 09 and Conan tanked it so they fired him and brought Leno back. Y'all become bigger liars every day.

253 days ago


Jimmy Kimmel would have been the best choice rather than Fallon.

253 days ago


Jay Leno was badly injured today after he fell off his wallet.

253 days ago


Dave Letterman will hire Jay Leno to do the Late Show on CBS. Dave owns it, not CBS. Jay will then crush everyone on late night and Dave will laugh all the way to the bank.

253 days ago


Many of his fans really hope he doesn't really mean it and will return to lighten our days once again on television. The majority of us won't be able to ever see Jay again if he just does clubs, etc.
But is this is what he sincerely wants, he will be sorely missed.
Jay, thanks for the memories and God Bless.

253 days ago

Patty Jean    

I hope he means what he is saying. He should be done with TV. He is not funny any more like he when he first surfaced on TV or anywhere else . He's lost funny and humorous manner and now is notheing but sarcastic about everything this is to talk about!!!!!

253 days ago

Bo Weitz    

Some very stupid people here. Leno didn't "hijack" the show back from Conan. Conan's ratings dropped like a hammer and NBC realized they made a mistake and brought Leno back. And bought out Conan's contract for over $30,000,000. It was a business decision and when Leno came back the show went right back to #1.

253 days ago


Who cares. We haven't watched him since he stiffed Conan.

253 days ago


I just have to ask..... wasn't it NBC who begged Leno to get on a white horse and ride in to save the "tonight show" or Leno's show which then changed back to The Tonight Show..... I get a bit Po'd off when people act as if Leno could have one armed NBC and took over the network, it is beyond funny.And for those who believe it could be done , well think about it, PLEASE!! if he retires from TV I can see it happening, and my reason is, I think the whole Conan (I took the tonight show back away from you) was horrible and NBC virtually asked Leno to take one for the team, did he have to? nope, maybe Letterman or Joan Rivers? they were also promised the job. Its all about the money

253 days ago


Actually he didn't famously wrangle it back from Conan. It was taken away from him in the 1st place because of Conan giving NBC the ultimatum that he get the Tonight Show within a certain period of time or he wasn't resigning for the Late Show. Then NBC told Jay he would have to retire in 5 years or they would lose Conan which they didn't want to do. So Jay had no choice. During that 5 years Conan's Late Night show started dropping in the ratings and NBC panicked and didn't want to risk losing Jay for good. Just in case. So they gave him a 10pm show and when Conan's ratings started dropping for the Tonight Show NBC got rid of him and gave the show back to Jay. It's not like any of this was Jay's idea. He literally got thrown out because of Conan and NBC. This time was different. Jimmy never gave any ultimatums to NBC. He said he was fine staying forever on the Late Show. Jay won't come back this time.

253 days ago


I hope he changes his mind and returns to tv BUT NOT on NBC! His monologue was the best of ALL the late night comedians! And in all the years I watched him, he was NEVER mean-spirited like Letterman. The rest are just not funny. And as far as him being in it for the money-that is just so not true. He loved his job and probably would have done it for nothing!~ He was a class act all the way.; I will miss him!

253 days ago
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