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Kardashian Fam

We Support Bruce Quitting

And the Show WILL Go On

2/13/2014 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Kardashian family fully supports Bruce Jenner's decision to leave the show after this season -- both because they want him to be happy and because Bruce's departure won't really make much of a difference anyway.

Sources close to the K fam and Bruce's sons tell TMZ, the entire family supports Bruce no matter what, and if leaving the show is what he wants then that's what they want too.

Once source said, leaving the show would actually be good for him.

As we reported, Bruce has decided the current season will be his last -- he wants to retire from Hollywood life and spend more time golfing, hanging with his kids off camera, flying helicopters, and riding motorcycles.

But you can't stop the trains once they're moving -- we're told if "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"  is picked up after Season 10 (which they're currently shooting) the family WILL continue with the show ... Bruce or no Bruce.

And we're told they're not worried either way -- Bruce has already become such a minor character on the show, his absence will hardly make a difference.



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Fry Daddy    

More time for plastic surgery! Just what the guy needs!

250 days ago


Why so many Kardashian posts tmz?? People will leave if you keep it up. No one wants to f*cking hear about them. They are not liked for a reason.

h and they sure sound like a family right?? "we'll continues without him", "he was such a minor character". I hate these people with a passion, they are just evil.

250 days ago


Who are the idiots in this country keeping these do nothing pigs on the air? STOP WATCHING THIS CRAP AND GET A L IFE! People are starving, out of work, and sick, and these s*** just have a camera following them around all day spending money on $40,000 + bags, etc...while the gov't won't fund illnesses. THIS MAKES ME SICK TO MY STOMACH.

250 days ago


There's no character in that bunch that is major. It would take several family members leaving for the die-hard fans to stop watching. Best wishes to Bruce in the next chapter of his life.

250 days ago

ima toole    

TMZ, nowhere do you mention that he is becoming a woman, even though that is what you were reporting for weeks. Admit that you were WRONG! All your reporting about this man was pure speculation. Also, didn't he have skin cancer, so that may be the reason he was getting surgery. You guys suck at journalism; all you are is a glorified gossip column. Your reporting is like me saying that Lebron has cancer because he is losing his hair. You guys survive on making pure speculation and inventing stories where there are none. Also, who gives a sh!t about the KKK. I can proudly say that I have never seen their "show."

250 days ago


Bruce never looked like he wanted to be part of the show in the first place, and I remember seeing a few episodes the first season, and he just seemed to be doing whatever he normally did... I can imagine once Momager made everyone a "character" (it should not be allowed to be called Reality TV if you have characters!), he wanted no part of it.

Going from a respectable post-Olympic career as a motivational speaker to becoming part of a cartoon family is a major downgrade... Good for him, and good riddance to this scourge on American culture!

250 days ago


I always felt sorry for Bruce being mired down with those harpys. He needs to go off and pursue his own interests and enjoy being a father to his boys and spend the remainder of his life in peace and quiet far from the superficial icon worshipping dregs.

250 days ago


It's mainly bout the girls anyway nwtht the other two girls r more involved it jst push Bruce out the way Rob too and Scott

250 days ago


Keep Bruce, get rid of the rest of the Krapdasians!!

250 days ago


He needs to get as far away from them as possible. They've stolen all his money and all they do is cut him down now that they no longer need him for his money.

250 days ago


He can always come back after the sex change.

250 days ago


"Gee Wally, he's creepy!"

250 days ago


The entire show should be cancelled. I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach that KUWTK won't be cancelled in 2015. All of them thought they would be on to other projects on different stations by that time. Everyone of them have experienced EPIC FAIL in that endeavor. Kimmode is much more a laughing stock with that plastic face and body, not a fashion icon and everyone wanting her designer clothes. She can't act, dance or sing, a complete talentless fool. Her pimp momma Kris was 100% awful as a TV talk host and completely boring. To be a successful host, you have to be likeable and have an interest in other people besides yourself, two qualities that Kris lacks in spades. Khloe stinked up the whole building with her stint as a co-host on a live show. She was terrible, she was flat in delivery and seemed disinterested in the whole show. As a sidekick in her pimp momma's talk show she was not much better. Totally talentless. So they are left with nothing but their stupid, scripted trashy show. Without the show and paps, they are nothing. They need both to survive. I hope I am wrong and the show is finished in 2015. I hate to be wrong about anything, but this time if I am wrong, I won't mind in the least.

250 days ago


I truly wish this show would just go away now. It's been too long and from what I see on a daily basis, hardly anyone over 30 likes these people. I hate them and don't get their attraction anymore. I'm over it.

250 days ago

arale norimaki    

who cares? after all, who is Kim? a glorified porn star
wondering i how someone can get so caught up in a work of fiction...

250 days ago
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