Bruce Jenner 'That's What I Want Out of Life'

2/13/2014 7:06 AM PST

Bruce Jenner -- 'THAT'S What I Want Out of Life'


Bruce Jenner was his old self Wednesday night, motivating college students with a pep talk about achieving your goals.

Bruce -- a very successful motivational speaker -- had the crowd at Mercyhurst University eating out of his hand.  And speaking of his hand ... check out the wedding ring.

Also check out what Bruce is wearing.  His hair is pulled back into his signature ponytail and he's wearing a traditional suit.

Bruce spent a good chunk of the hour talking about his 1976 Olympic victory ... a frequent topic of conversation for him.

We got a short clip of the speech. During another part he told the Erie, PA crowd, "Steal, lie, cheat and gamble ... but in a good way" ... and then went on to explain what he meant.

Bruce said people have to gamble in life by taking risks ... and they should cheat people "who would have you be less than you are."  He said people must lie -- in the arms of people who love them. And finally, he urged everyone to steal .... every moment of happiness.