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Half-Brother Needs Food Stamps to Eat

Dad's the Bad Guy

2/15/2014 8:38 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Beyonce's dad is so far behind on child support payments for his illegitimate kid ... his baby mama is destitute and has to use food stamps to survive.

We're told Alexsandra Wright hasn't seen any money from Mathew Knowles since we posted our story back in December -- when he allegedly owed $24K. We're told he now owes $32,135.90.

Wright -- whose son is Beyonce's half-brother -- is now on public assistance ... and gets $300 a month on a state-issued EBT card to pay for food and other expenses.


Sources tell us Wright went to court for help ... but the judge is noodling over exactly what to do.

As we previously reported ... Knowles insists he's not a deadbeat dad ... and has blamed a clerical error for the delinquency.


No Avatar


**** em greedy people what happened to helping out family members??

217 days ago


He's wearing some seriously cheap looking blue colored lenses, or he has some truly huge cataracts. I'm too freaked to even comment on him being a deadbeat.

217 days ago


That's horrible. My dad did the same thing to my mom and his excuse was that he was a broke alcoholic. I guess B's dad isn't any better.

217 days ago


i dont care..beyonce should help..blood is blood..yes, her dad is a pos but the kid didnt do anything. beyonce needs to get off her high horse and help.

217 days ago


Why doesn't the card have her legal name on it?

217 days ago

King Fierce    

Not to excuse Mr. Knowles...he is still is responsible, but seeing as she broke up a marriage and ruined a family I believe she deserves everything she's going through right now.

217 days ago


She should of thought twice before sleeping with a married man. She saw the name Knowles thinking she hit the lottery. She only signed up for public assistance in efforts to shame Mathew. Why she even on public assistance, she was just bragging about her boyfriend Harvey (Host of Celebrity fit club) being a good role model to her son. That role model couldn't help his girlfriend out.

217 days ago


WHO CARES?!? Poor you? No, get ur a$$ to WORK!!! It's called a JOB!!! My ex- owes HIS KIDS, NOT ME over $50,000 in Child Support, I got my a$$ a JOB to SUPPORT MY OWN!! I spread them, I had them, IMMA SUPPORT THEM!!! Like I said, it's called a JOB, try it sometime, trust me, IT WON'T KILL YOU!!!

217 days ago


Next time she find the right super star dad to have a baby by. It's women take care of their children every day. When out help!!( that without going to welfare) work is what it's call, like most Americans.

217 days ago


Beyoncé has legal obligation to help take care of a child that ain't hers. It may be MORALY right to help but she DO NOT have to. That's her dick on the dirty daddy who need to pay ohh I forgot he can't cuz Bey cut him from management lol it's sad because the baby has to suffer but his mother played with fire and got burned sorry.

217 days ago


I ment she has NO LEGAL obligation to help...

217 days ago


For everyone saying Beyoncé should help: if Matthew went out and created 20 more illegitimate children, is she supposed to financially support them all just because she's rich? No! Matthew the whore and the home wrecking mother need to support their child.

217 days ago


Oh.... and here's an added note: He didn't marry the jumpoff. He jumped on , jumped off and moved on. Didn't Mr. Knowles recently get married?

217 days ago

Lady Unique    

Well KARMA is truly a B*%ch, see what happens when you sleep around with a married man or other women's boyfriends.. Sometimes you you get the bad end of the stick and this idiot got it.. She thought oh That's beyonce father I'mma trap him... Lol I guess she didn't read where Beyonce fired his butt and he had no money... Lol Tisk Tisk Tisk get a job and move on this is your fault!!

217 days ago


Why should Beyonce help the woman who HURT HER MOMMA?? I am not a Beyonce fan but, I wouldn't give a squat about some WHORE who wrecked my parents' marriage. I'm glad the tramp is on welfare! Let her get a job and work instead of thinking she could slut her way into money! This is truly karma.

217 days ago
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