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Miley Cyrus

Pulls a Monica Lewinsky

... on Clinton Impersonator

2/15/2014 8:39 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0215-miley-bill-blow-job-01-splashMiley Cyrus proved she knows how to party in the U.S.A. AND Canada Friday night ... by simulating fake oral sex on stage in Vancouver on a Bill Clinton impersonator.

It was all for the debut concert on Miley's "Bangerz" tour -- which was filled with little people dressed as joints, giant stuffed animals, and a lot of ass -- but the big finish was her rendition of "Party in the U.S.A."

During the song ... Miley's dancers dressed up as famous American icons to pay tribute to our country -- and when Bill hit the stage Cyrus quickly dropped to her knees in his honor.

Might wanna dry clean that blue outfit.

Just sayin' ...


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What do you expect from hillbilly white trash? She's over compensating for her lack of talent with these pathetic ploys for attention. This homely skank is also under the impression that she's attractive!

196 days ago


He is lucky Miley Cyrus is so hot with hair. I would be loving her.

196 days ago


She is a disgrace to the entertainment industry and America. Who are her handlers?? Does she come up with this **** herself? Like, how old would she have been when the whole Clinton thing happened?? Trying to dis the democrats?? On whos behalf, dad??? She should have George Bush ball deep, like he did every American.

196 days ago


Stay classy

196 days ago


It's really sad that a girl (can't bring myself to call her a woman) feels needs to subject herself, and portray women in such a disgusting light. It's sad bc I miley is talented, and she really can sing, and is an ok-enough actress, and she finds the craziest ways to disrespect millions of women who aren't privileged enough to have a 24-7 platform to speak so publicly.

196 days ago


atta girl Hilary will never ask u to endorse her next 'run' in 2016....but i bet Slick Willie must have creamed his pants when he saw this clip! ahh the good ol' days....

196 days ago


After Kardashian and West, the next big couple is Bieber and Cyrus...kkkkk

196 days ago



196 days ago


So I guess just standing there singing a damn song is just out of the question huh????

196 days ago


I really hope there were no children in the audience...smh ****in Disney

195 days ago


I am so sick of this skank spewing her skaniness all over the media. MILEY, GET A PHUCKING PSYCHIATRIST AND DEAL WITH THE SEXUAL ABUSE FROM YOUR CHILDHOOD, because you are a disgusting role model for young girls. You promote promiscuity, so I hope you get infected so you will change your attitude in what you say to young girls. You think you have the world by the tail, but in fact, you have s hit for brains.

195 days ago


What a demonic prostitute!
Absolute trash. Bottom of the barrel.
Lowest type of s***.
Feeding her filth to children.
You are a disgrace!

195 days ago


Guys, This was a Saturday Night Live parody. Geez.

195 days ago


Lmfao!!! Go Miley! She's the new madonna! Sex sell and she making money and getting publicity!!!

195 days ago

Beau Regards    

Someone needs to tell Miley that most of the "attention" she gets on Instagram, Twitter, through clicks on stories, etc is actually people making fun of her. I saw a comment somewhere that said she must not be confident enough about her talent if she has to resort to the circus side-show. Kinda' agree with that. She's entitled of course to do whatever she wants - just as people are entitled to post all sorts of comments about her antics.
On some level though it's incredibly sad. She's becoming a joke within a joke within a joke.
And frankly, the Bill Clinton thing is SO beyond lame. Her fans aren't even old enough to know what that's all about.
Is she TRYING to fan a Clinton backlash? I can hear the GOP snidely giggling.
Oh yeah and the spread legs and hand placed just so....COME ON! WTF?

195 days ago
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