Miley Cyrus Lawsuit Bogus Agent Screwed Us Out Of $125K

1/19/2014 12:45 AM PST

Miley Cyrus Lawsuit -- Shady Agent Screwed Us Out Of $125K


If you're disappointed Miley Cyrus didn't show at the Miami South Beach Outdoor Festival on New Year's Day .... you're not alone, because the promoters of that event have filed a lawsuit claiming one of Miley's people took a huge amount of money but never delivered the singer.

A Florida concert promotion company says it sent $125K to a woman claiming to be Miley's booking agent -- a deposit to secure Miley for the shindig.  The money was wired to a bank account while the deal was being finalized.

The lawsuit claims the booking agent cleaned out the bank account and on New Year's Day ... no Miley.

The promoters seem to believe they really were dealing with Miley's agent.   We spoke with the woman, who says she does NOT work for Miley but was acting as an intermediary.  She claims she forwarded the money to Miley's real agents.

Miley's people tell TMZ Miley has no involvement in this matter -- and tells us the woman has no connection to her actual booking agent.