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Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley & Kanye

To Destroy America

2/19/2014 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is unleashing the mother of all conspiracy theories -- President Obama's secret agenda to become a tyrannical dictator with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye West's assistance!

We asked Davis about his band's new "Spike in My Veins" music video -- which is filled with clips of Miley and other pop culture phenoms -- and suddenly it was all aboard the crazy train.

You gotta see it ... right in the middle of LAX, Davis spewed a theory about Obama using celeb scandals as a “distraction” ... while he screws us out of our freedoms.

Por ejemplo ... JD claims Miley's VMA twerkfest was really a smoke screen for something way more nefarious. Nuts, right?

Consider this: Obama signed a law allowing the government to hold citizens indefinitely without trial ... back in January 2012 ... when the big celeb news was Miley and a penis cake.


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Paul Goodwin    

Such pinheads posting, the person who posts is of little relevance, the message of deprived rights is the topic. Media is manipulated and censored by government forces. What did George Carlin say, half the people are dumber than the average!

191 days ago


A diehard Left Libertarian here, and while he's a bit on the cuckoo behavior wise, he's not exactly wrong. I wouldn't call Obama a dictator though, he's not in charge. I wouldn't call it the Illuminati or anything...but nothing gets done to corporations who don't pay a dime in taxes but take millions in taxpayers money on subsidies, and a government that spies on us without a warrant and without any remorse. But hey, we all know how the Kardashian Klan is doing.

191 days ago


Smart man.

191 days ago


Absolutely. All they have to do is shake a maraca and us stupid Americans look the other way. (Btw: obvious that TMZ would mock this, they live off of useless celerity news. I only signed into TMZ to agree with the subject) Vote libertarian!

191 days ago


I don't think Obama is a dictator, but rather part of a group of global elites who are systematically trying to control the world - it involves celebrities too, and since most in the music industry have already sold their souls anyways, they have no problem whipping up a distraction for what is really going on. Besides conspiracy theories though, this is the problem in general with America- people are too obsessed with their phones/games/tvshows/gossip to pay attention to things that really make a difference in their lives. I'm all for reading some celeb gossip; but I read regular news too and listen to NPR in my car everyday - stay aware and informed people!!

191 days ago


Well from this comment section we see who the bulk of TMZ's demographic are ===> absolute clueless sleepwalking Ameri-con trash. Jesus...far too many of you people truly are an absolute global embarrassment. It's pretty sad the world has the internet now to see what morons you are on a daily basis. It's shocking how ignorant and uneducated so many of you are...but then again i guess that's why you are so easily scammed by any politician who chooses to manipulate you like the well-trained monkeys you have become.

191 days ago


Let me preface this by saying that I'm a big time fan of Korn and Jonathon Davis' music. What I am not a fan of are entertainers, whether actors, musicians or authors using their craft as a platform to spew their political beliefs. Yes, they are entitled to their opinions and in their private lives have the right to express those views. It's the using of their celebrity to affect public opinion.

191 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    


191 days ago


I only blame Obama for those decisions of his that will adversely affect the average American. If he spent as much time addressing the issues affecting this country as he does courting celebrities, he would have been a much more effective president. He needs to stop behaving as if he is still campaigning.

If you think he cares about you, then you are delusional. Are you able to call him on his private cellphone just to talk? Jay-Z can.

191 days ago


**Watch what he said***

The headline and article completely misrepresents his message. Most people will probably just absorb the headline and discount him as crazy....thereby proving his point.

191 days ago


So using his logic Bush used Britney Spears & Kanye West as a distraction as well.

191 days ago

The Zombie    

This dude has always been a whack-job. That would be excusable if his band didn't suck, which it does. Go away, clown.

191 days ago


I wonder if this guy has a bromance with crazy Ted Nugent...

191 days ago


Britney Spears was a distraction when wall street fleeced you all like sleepwalking sheep and tax breaks did not create jobs they just were bonuses stuffed into offshore on who's watch was that again? Dont like Obama but I sure the hell did not like Bush

191 days ago

Double Bubble    

Jonathan Davis is awesome.. He knows what's up

191 days ago
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