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Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley & Kanye

To Destroy America

2/19/2014 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is unleashing the mother of all conspiracy theories -- President Obama's secret agenda to become a tyrannical dictator with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye West's assistance!

We asked Davis about his band's new "Spike in My Veins" music video -- which is filled with clips of Miley and other pop culture phenoms -- and suddenly it was all aboard the crazy train.

You gotta see it ... right in the middle of LAX, Davis spewed a theory about Obama using celeb scandals as a “distraction” ... while he screws us out of our freedoms.

Por ejemplo ... JD claims Miley's VMA twerkfest was really a smoke screen for something way more nefarious. Nuts, right?

Consider this: Obama signed a law allowing the government to hold citizens indefinitely without trial ... back in January 2012 ... when the big celeb news was Miley and a penis cake.


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Really?... The mother of all conspiracy theories? Since when is it news that the inane details of absurd celebrity behavior serve as a distraction from what's really going on? Why do you think reality TV is so popular. We want an excuse not to think about the fact that our government getting closer to a totalitarian dictatorship by the day. This isn't a partisan issue either. Both parties are to blame.

209 days ago

Roman Moroni    

He's right you know - keep up good work Jon

209 days ago


obama has zero experience running anything, not even a Dairy Queen. It would be best for us if he resigned.
I don't think tmz expected this kind of backlash, pretty stupid on their part.

209 days ago


This is taken out of context so badly. He is saying that while we are sitting there being distracted by frivolous celebrity noise, none of us are paying attention to what our government is doing. This is absolutely true.

The average person knows nothing about current affairs and legislation being passed, but gets a twitter update every time Miley Cyrus shoves something up her ass.

209 days ago


And what about all the damage that Bush did? Hmm? If you're gonna talk conspiracy theories, then have fun with 9/11. Buildings that weren't even hit by the planes collapsing. No one finds that odd? All of the people that were killed and families destroyed. Then he decides to go off to war. And how many more lives were lost there? Hmm? But I guess that's okay.

Oh, Obama has all this debt. Granted, yes, he's racked up some, no doubt about it but when you can't pay off the debt you have from years gone by, what do you think is going to happen? Tack on some interest and wow, just like your credit cards. Out of control spending.

And lastly, the president is nothing more than a puppet figure. He can have the best ideas in the world but if it doesn't get through Congress and Senate it doesn't matter how good the ideas are.

What needs to be done is get rid of all the old farts in both houses. Stop paying them ridiculous salaries to sit on their collective a$$es and do nothing but vote themselves raises. Make them pay for their own health care because, hello, the working slob is paying for them to have the best care while most of us are lucky to be able to afford to get a prescription filled.

209 days ago


Oh shut up. The government is not distracting us, America is just populated with a bunch of morons who idolize people like Kim KarHOshian and Justine Beiber. The government hasn't planted chips in our brains to watch stupid reality tv. We're not robots. Networks are making billions a year because America CHOOSES to tune in to trashy reality tv. Get off Obamas nuts. raise your kids to idolize real people. Stop blaming the deterioration of society on Obama or the government. We can challenge the government if we turned off Honey Boo Boo for 2 seconds and educated ourselves.

209 days ago


Yeah most folks I know thing thinks are pretty much along these lines. I would have to agree.

209 days ago


So Pres Obama and Kanye are just pretending they don't like each other. Yeah right.:

209 days ago


yeah most folks I know think things are pretty much the same way and I would have to agree.

209 days ago


Seems legit.

209 days ago

Derek Vickers    

I'm not really a big fan of Korn (not my style) but I agree with him. News channels have a choice as to what they "report". When's the last time CNN or Fox or MSNBC etc...reported on positive stories. I'm sure they occasionally do, but only like 20%. There are substantially more positive things happening in the world. Therefore, it seems very clear to me that they consciously focus on frivolousness and negativity. WAKE UP!

209 days ago


Do I feel a tour with Ted Nugent coming on? This is the same band with the goofy Jesus freak drummer too, yes? Too bad this washed up old ugly bastard didn't spend any time acquainting himself with the facts of the matter. Here Johnny, allow me to assist:

209 days ago


Obama allowed my husband and I to afford health insurance. There is NO way that I think that our president is (out to get us) That is total lunacy! NEWS FLASH : CNN / FOX/ Etc. only show what their viewers WANT to see! Sex, destruction, school shootings -- it sells AD Time! This is basic stuff kids.. what's the matter..were you all home schooled, unable to grasp the basics? LOL

209 days ago


The president is allowed to screw with the constitution because congress and the senate are a bunch of gutless little cowards, afraid of a little UN implant!! That and they are so afraid of losing all their ill gotten gains for rolling over on their constituants!!!

209 days ago


I'm more afraid of how our Country is becoming more divided. Half the people is pro Obama while the other half is anti- Obama. Although the bigger picture here is pro Govt. VS. anti-Govt. Guess that is a huge improvement, since more people are becoming aware and waking up to the real truths of this word we are living in.

209 days ago
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