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Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will

Keep My Son Away from Hollywood

2/19/2014 10:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Philip Seymour Hoffman
's dying wish was to keep his children far, far away from Hollywood -- this according to the actor's will.

TMZ obtained a copy of PSH's will -- drawn up in 2004 -- and according to the document, Hoffman requested that his son Cooper (back then his only child) be raised in Manhattan ... in order to be surrounded by the culture, arts, and architecture of the city.

If NYC turned out to be impossible, Hoffman asked for his son to be raised in Chicago or San Francisco. And if that didn't work out either, Hoffman wanted his son to visit these cities at least TWICE per year ... for cultural purposes.

The glaring omission on his list is obviously Los Angeles -- interesting because Hoffman was a big time Hollywood actor who spent lots of time in L.A.

Clearly, he didn't think it was a suitable city to raise a kid in.

As for the entirety of his estate, Hoffman left the whole shebang to his longtime partner and the mother of his 3 children, Mimi O'Donnell.



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Yeah, right. Like there no drugs or bad influences in NYC, Chicago or San Francisco......heavy sigh.

244 days ago

Dee Dee    

This is crazy hilarious considering how most of Hollywood turned up at his funeral. I mean what happened to him that was sooo awful in Hollywood yet he was revered in Hollywood. What is so sinister about Hollywood. I work in a crazy office and its in NYC.

244 days ago


WOW, that is Deep!! He knew what was the origin of his downfall and his success, and it wasn't worth it in the end. Hope his son listens

244 days ago


It didn't help him a bit to be surrounded "by culture"
and It won't help his kids a bit their father was a drug addict.

244 days ago

Gloria Jadot    

Since he wrote his will 10 years ago, I'd imagine to him NY was still a good place for his children to thrive intellectually. He might not have NY as a choice had he rewritten his will more recently.

244 days ago


I would never tell my children where they should or shouldn't live. My only wish would be that they stay away from drugs.

244 days ago


Like Chicago is. Wow.

244 days ago


While it isn't a bad idea, you cannot use a will to control the free movement of others. That will ultimately be up to the mother. But it wouldn't be in the children's best interest to be thrust into the Hollywood spotlight.

244 days ago


Wow. Could he be more specific? Choosing there cities & vacations from the grave? Being surrounded by cement, pollution & crime is better than nature &clean air of the country? "Culture" & bulidings are no ssubstitute for healthy living & natural beauty. Oh, and he also left out Boston. What a silly, unlearned, narrow-view will.

244 days ago


REALLY!!!! who gives a giant crap about this guy? You have money and talant, and this is how you choose to live, and than end your life. People die from overdoeses every day. The police don't go looking for their drug dealers. He wasted his life, and now the people who cared about him are left behind in pain. I have no pity or interest in him. Yes depression is a horrble thing. But he had the means, and the time to deal with it. Tell me what the will of a real hero says. You know a cop, a fireman or a soldier, or a Dad who fought a battle against cancer, who wanted to live for his children. Please be done with this.

244 days ago


I am sick of all the hoopla over a guy who bought the stuff and then injected it into his own body. If he was that concerned with his kids welfare, why didn't he become the father he should have been. NY, California or any other place didn't do it to him. He did it to himself. He's dead, USA. He's gone. Someone just as talented will fill his shoes and he'll be history. Just like all the other MJ's.

244 days ago


What an inane article. According to the author Hoffman never mentioned Hollywood or LA. He didn't mention Singapore or Sidney or London. It's an assumption that he omitted LA for an reason and the people commenting below are following the headline instead of the content.

They must be Republicans....:)

244 days ago


While I agree with not raising a kid there, don't blame Hollywood for his drug problem. He's the one that searched out an illegal substance to purchase, he's the one that injected it into his system, he's the one who killed himself. His drug usage was a choice and just because someone hands you a gun doesn't mean you have to pull the trigger, its a choice you make and sometimes the gun goes off.

244 days ago


Since I was born and raised in Hollywood, the only thing I can say to drug addict/loser Hoffman is this - it wasn't Hollywood that killed you because everyone I know born here is as normal as anyone anywhere. The fact that you were a fat, disgusting pig, loser had everything to do with it. I hope you are happy now because your kids will be with all your money and none of the drama.

244 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

Who cares what he says....he didn't give a fug about his kid alive so publishing his pathetic high thoughts is an insult. Drug addicts, they're all the same, losers and users of people.

244 days ago
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