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Extra Sues

I Want a Shipload of Money

2/19/2014 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

021814_titanic_launch"Yes. Yes ma'am." These are the words a movie extra believes are worth a fortune ... words he brilliantly delivered in "Titanic" ... words over which he is now suing.

The extra -- a guy named Vi Jay -- has filed the lawsuit against 20th Century Fox, claiming he was cast as a non-speaking background actor in the embarking scene at the beginning of the movie.  Vi says the day of the shoot, James Cameron spontaneously gave him a career-changing line.

"Yes. Yes ma'am." Vi delivers the line to Kathy Bates' character as she hands him her luggage.

Vi says he was paid a measly $60 a day -- per his agreement as an extra -- but now says the line he delivered entitles him to SAG (Screen Actors' Guild) benefits, specifically RESIDUALS. 

And Vi might have a point -- we spoke to a rep from SAG, who says actors with speaking roles (no matter how small) are typically entitled to residual money.

Vi says 20th Century Fox grossed more than $2 billion from the flick, and he wants his tiny share.


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He's got a point, but I wonder why NOW, nearly two decades later?

210 days ago


The ****ed up part is his legal fees would eat away most of whatever money he hopes to get

210 days ago


I am amazed no one has done this yet, so I will go ahead and throw it out... Who the heck has the name Vi Jay. Seriously... Let the vag puns roll lol

210 days ago


Who ?

210 days ago


He's exactly right and deserves his fair share.

Which would be about three-fiddy.

210 days ago


Lmfao bitch please

210 days ago


Yes sue them

210 days ago


I agree - PAY up!

210 days ago


Wowwww he just ****ed it up for all the furure two worders who weren't suppose to say a word now they're going to get one of the main characters who they already pay big money to do the extra jobs also lol he don't care his acting career is over its like 30 yrs later.

210 days ago

Layla Brown    

Extras are not automatically SAG members. Did he join SAG and pay yearly membership dues--which are not cheap--for all these years? Vi hasn't got a chance! He is--like the Titanic--sunk!

210 days ago


The headline should've been "Vi Jay shafted by Fox".

210 days ago


Everyone has to play by the rules. If those are the rules then pay the man. It's that simple.

210 days ago

Retail Queen    

I was just watching yesterday-never get tired of Titanic. If the guy is entitled to it let him have it. He will never have a role in a hit movie so this is his chance to collect. Poor guy. 17 years later he needs it! I mean, really, that line was about as powerful as "I'll never let go".

210 days ago


It took him this long to realize a speaking role was different than being an extra? I wonder if he had has SAG card at the time? If he did he's entitled to scale wages whatever they were for a bit part, and some residuals.

Can't believe he had to sue to get a few thousand dollars. I hope he gets an autographed photo from Cameron, or Leo. Maybe the autograph and having his own Titanic story will make up for how crappy he's gonna feel after he wins a judgement. That will probably be enough money to cover half of what his attorney is going to bill for.

210 days ago


He must need money

210 days ago
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