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Miley Cyrus

Snatches Beer

In High-Risk Move

2/21/2014 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Video

Miley Cyrus has become a real risk taker lately, but the one she took Thursday night with a stranger's cup of beer is insane.

Miley was singing something -- it's hard to tell which song -- when she got thirsty and spotted someone in the audience with a cold one. 

It appears to be a stranger ... but ever the daredevil, she took a swig.

Now we're not trying to be alarmists, but seriously Miley ... do you know the history of the mouth that drank from the beer before you?

Actually ... the real question is whether the guy finished the beer after Miley gave it back.

Fun Fact: You can get herpes from sharing a drink.



No Avatar

Nobody Special    

In the Photo of Molly Virus in the Borat Mankini with the Pot Leaf Design, she is turning around looking to find her Tail.

In her little backpack she has toilet paper, sanitary napkins, maxi-pads and a Butt-Plug in case she starts gushing Hershey Squirts.

241 days ago

Vanessa Galvan-Astuto    

OK--Lets go back to the 80's and all the rock bands did the same and no one ripped them a new a@@! And at the Pink concert some band the HIVE was chugging all the beer they could get!! Just sayn stop haten

241 days ago


Her mouth is dirty so she don't care that's how white trash behave.

241 days ago


Well she also eats dirty underwear so...

241 days ago


I think we need to be more worried about what the person caught from her when they got there drink back

241 days ago


miley already has the herpes

241 days ago

Eye roll     

You think restaurants and bars really wash their glasses completely? They don't. Bars dip the glasses in dirty soap water and wipe them with a cloth. So you are really drinking out of dirty glasses. Btw you can only get cold sores if you already have that virus.

241 days ago


I can't believe how wholesome she used to be! Change is good but this is pathetic. Hey mom and dad was me get off!

241 days ago


She probably already has herpes.

241 days ago


Don't care. Still would bang miley. $150 million she got can buy me a cure

241 days ago


Looks like Miley is putting her V A G I N A front and center in her tour. Whoopie! Shocking isn't it?

I guess Miley has invented a new subgenre of pop music ... PORN POP. She's a genius isn't she?

I guess in the coming years, any porn star with a half decent singing voice will be out there emulating MIley and doing more and more sexual stuff onstage. I'm sure the parents of the world will be thrilled.

\\ (|) //

241 days ago


Tmz censored the story of supervising art director of Interstellar (2014), Iron Man 1-2, Spider Man 3, Amazing Spider Man, Django Unchained guy who lost at trial . The cops covered up evidence because the victim was transgender from my understanding and they ignored the evidence so it was easy to trick TMZ that way. Look up the case award winning singer Bralalalala v. Klassen.

241 days ago

You can also get pregnant form a single sperm cell, but experience dictates that you have much better odds if you toss 250 million at the task. So, that's how nature handles it.

Likewise, while transmitting herpes via a glass remains a theoretical possibility, 75% of the US population carries HSV (yes, including you)... and you'll come into contact with many times more viral particles being kissed by Mom or Grandma than you will watered down in a cup.

241 days ago


Big deal. Bruce Springsteen drinks beer from his crowds all the time.

241 days ago


So wait, you guys thought it was cool when Springsteen did it and it's risky when Miley did it. Hmm...

241 days ago
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