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'Teen Mom 2' Star

Rescued From Fiery Car Crash

2/22/2014 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Adam Lind -- who appeared on MTV's "Teen Mom 2" -- was pulled from the mangled wreckage of his Corvette Friday ... just moments before it exploded in flames.

Law enforcement tells us ... Lind was driving his 2001Corvette Z06 really, really fast in Sioux Falls, SD when he collided with a Lincoln Town Car.  Cops say the Lincoln was driven by an 87-year-old woman, who had a 94-year-old passenger.

Some VERY good Samaritans saw the crash and ran to the mangled vehicles, pulling everyone out seconds before the Corvette lit up like a torch.

We're told Lind and the elderly couple were taken to a local hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

0221-lind-burnt-car-01Lind is the ex-boyfriend of "Teen Mom 2" star Chelsea Houska.  They have a 4-year old daughter, Aubree.


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He's a freaking douche!!!

211 days ago

kerri matuszak    

I hope this was a wakeup call , thank GD everyones ok

211 days ago


Disgusting comments from most of you. He is a young lad who likes fast cars, that's normal. Notice how the police stated he was 'driving really really fast' not able to give a speed? ! :s also if it had of been that fast I'm pretty sure the elderly driver and passenger would've been treated for life threatening injuries. Give the young lad a break, he probably feels insanely guilty already without all you's judging him

211 days ago

Trinity Garver    

Wow is that chelsies ex boyfreind

211 days ago

Nancy Rowe    

The ONLY thing that has SAVED him was GOD him and the other couple !
I pray this will turn his life around and become a DAD <3

210 days ago


I live in sioux falls, SD like him... He had no drivers licence and I always see him in his corvette driving crazy and fast showing off.. He also recently had that car supercharged and made to be faster then almost every sport car. Funny thing is he just got it out of shop where mechanics made it crazy fast just in time for spring. Happy to see older ladies made it safe!!

210 days ago


Is this not grounds for Chelsea to get full custody of Aubree? I mean 3 dui's and now reckless driving I'm pretty sure it is. Why does her and rich daddy dentist get a lawyer and get that **** done. That other girl needs to get far away from him as well before it all goes down ugly for her.

210 days ago


while immature chldren shouldnt have supercars.. something tells me this is another case of YOU SHOULDNT BE DRIVING IF YOUR PUSHING 100! YOU KILL PEOPLE YOU MORONS

210 days ago


Doesn't the kid have three or more dwi why does he even have a license

210 days ago


He's an ass but every child has the right to know their father. People kill me would you not want to know yours and be fatherless? I'm sure when his kids grow up they'll be looking for their daddy.

210 days ago


Good grief that Adam has been nothing but a huge embarrassment to Chelsea since day one. He is such an utter waste of flesh- so clueless - so selfish and ignorant of what it takes to be an actual grown up that is in control of their own life. You have 2 children now Adam- you no longer have the luxury of driving fast, owning motorcycles, drinking and driving, or any other dangerous activity that might interest you. You're a dad- that means your wants and desires will never again be more important than the well-being of your children. Get that through your thick head dumb@ss! I'm so glad Chelsea finally smartened up and isn't waiting around on your looser ass anymore.

209 days ago

jackie adams    

you would think that after what happened to paul walker people whould use there heads thats the problem with teens and young adults they dont use there heads where would his girls be if he didnt make it out of the crash alive

209 days ago


What if Aubree was with him n in her car seat she would of gotten crushed n they wouldn't of been able to grab her out as easy being in the back n the car burst in flames ....I don't think if I was chelsey would I allow her in a car with him n that needs to be court ordered by a judge

209 days ago



194 days ago


Adam is a deadbeat douchebag!! He has had 3 DUI'S and he was driving on a suspended license and HAD NO INSURANCE, almost killed 2 elderly women, this di*khead needs locked up for about 20 years. What a P.O.S..

62 days ago
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