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Eddie Murphy

'Purported African American'

Sued for $50 Million

2/24/2014 11:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eddie Murphy does NOT own the name Murphy ... and an indignant comedian --  Brando Murphy -- is determined to prove that point with a new $50 MILLION defamation lawsuit.

Brando claims Eddie is hell-bent on destroying his career, which Brando thinks is rooted in absurd vanity. 

It looks like Brando is trying out new material in  his lawsuit, saying, "The name Murphy is of Irish decent ... and not exclusive to Eddie Murphy, a 'Black Man' of African Ancestry and a purported African American."

As for Eddie's grumblings that Brando tries to look and act like him, Brando fires back, "[i] did not create [myself] and that the way [I] looks is an act of GOD."

Brando says he never tried to pass himself as Eddie's son.  He does not address the fact that he appeared in the stage act, Sons of Comedy, which also featured Richard Pryor's son.

BTW ... Brando also claims one of Eddie's people threatened to have him killed.

For his troubles ... Brando wants a modest $50 mil.

Eddie's lawyer, Marty Singer,  tells TMZ ... "This is an absolutely ridiculous lawsuit, and we are confident it will be immediately dismissed by the court."


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Le Harv    

It's Richard Pryor not Prior, dumbasses.

243 days ago


He looks like him too. BTW proofread TMZ!

243 days ago


Ha ha....Who's Richard Prior? TMZ failing at getting people's names right.

243 days ago

Thizz √$    

Ya sure kid

243 days ago


A thugs suing talented

243 days ago


That's black on black crime! Come now Eddie, help a brotha out!!

243 days ago


You Look THIRSTY & Dumb pursuing this👎

243 days ago


$50 mill
The judge will LOL @ him ````right out of court!!

243 days ago


Lol all I think about is Dave Chappelles "darkness brothers" skit about the Murphy's hahaha.

243 days ago


From what I've heard reported in the past was that Brando led people to believe he was related to Eddie Murphy. Also Brando copied signature sounds and moves that Eddie Murphy was famous for. My hope is that Brando Murphy gets what he deserves......fines and jail time!

243 days ago


Richard Prior. I bet Raquel wrote this post. Anyways, who cares? This guy obviously did something to start passing himself off or eluded to being related to Eddie for attn. Now you got his attn and he won't quit. My college professor did this stupid **** too. Her last name is King and she knows the King family. She made it a point to mention them every chance she got, but she would never say she related to the civil rights family or not. She just allowed you to believe what you wanted without correcting you. Although this guy may not have ever said he's Eddie's son, being a part of the 'sons of comedy tour' and ur last name is Murphy, you kept taking those checks without once telling promoters u really aren't his son. Ur fault.

For once I want to see Eddie's kids do something we can all be proud of. His daughter's continue to take hoeish "modeling" pics. His son/not son is suing him. WTH is family day like at the manse with so much going on?

243 days ago


This is about Simon Cowle and his baby .,. No one points out that the baby and mother are under an umbrella on the beach and sun light for a short time is OK for babys we don't know how long they were out there. With all the cameras out there now they could have been out there for 20min and a 100 pics could be taken

243 days ago

john flynn    

This Brando kid is going to lose.Copy right protects Eddie Murphys likeness and the kid is just trying to get fame with out earning it himself.

243 days ago


Is this related to Eddie & the Transexual prostitute he was caught with on Sunset Blvd a few years back!??

243 days ago


The real issue is - this kid has been trying to pass himself off as Eddie's son. THAT is why Eddie has been going after him.

243 days ago
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