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Simon Cowell

10-Day-Old Eric

Flies, Soaks in Rays

2/24/2014 9:21 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell is not a slave to convention ... because his baby did what most don't -- and what some doctors say is dangerous for newborns ... his kid jetted to Miami for some fun in the sun.

Many doctors advise parents to keep their kids out of the sun for the first 6 months ... and sunscreen isn't a solution.  A number of doctors advise against it.

As for flying ... there's a risk for mere mortals because of germs --- newborns are fragile because of their developing immune system ... but Simon flies private so it clearly minimizes the risk.

But some docs do advise against any flying because of pressure during the ascent and descent.



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They all look like they are going to adjust and relax for a bit. Very nice. Congrats!!!

179 days ago


I don't have an issue with taking the baby out. I just don't think you should fly with a baby so soon. I have to chew wads of gum during take offs and we have all been on flights where some toddler is crying their eyes out because of the air pressure. Like someone said before humans lived for millions of years before hand sanitizer and the strong survived, but we damn sure wasn't flying.

179 days ago


The Only Bonus Is There Is Like 170 Comments So Maybe They Will Put Brandi Glanville On Back Burner Where She Belongs

179 days ago

Black Adam    

Anyone who says that it's fine for a newborn to fly, and be in the sun is the reason why the next generation of kids will be screwed up. Any parent who takes any type of risk with their kids need to be dragged out in the middle of the street and bull whipped.

179 days ago


Are these two engaged yet? Planning a wedding? I would think since the baby is here they would be planning their lives together.

179 days ago


Damn...The bitch could have at least made an attempt to breastfeed her kid. Apparently she was in a hurry to pump herself full of cocaine & Adderall so she could slim back down to her pre-pregnancy size. SMDH. Dumb ass broad.

179 days ago


what about the Mom? She should say NO. This is absolutely selfish. The pressure of flying is not good for the baby, add to that all the other stuff. This woman is a groupie that doesn't want to loose this rich guy at ANY cost, including her baby's health.

179 days ago


When I make Bieberbabies I will luv them & the cash!

179 days ago

Chloe Indigo    

So this is how it's gonna be. He carries around his babies while she carries hers. The dog licking his face at 10 days?! Baffling. I flew as an infant (in the 70's)....(when they smoked on planes and didn't know better for f***s sake!). My eardrum burst and they had to do an emergency landing. Bleeding outta my ears I'm told. I was older than ten days but still an infant. Ear doctors, problems and major surgeries growing up as a kid. To this day can't watch "Wrath of Kan." FOOLS

179 days ago


Come on you two, you do not take a newborn out in the sun like this and let a dog lick it.

Come on, it is about the baby, not about you two right now.

Look at how distressed that baby looks in the photo where she is holding it, the bright sunlight, you are not even protecting the babies eyes from the sunlight!!!!!!

179 days ago


A newborn baby is not one of these miniature dog accessories you drag around.

A newborn baby is not a new purse or bracelet.

protect the baby's eyes from the sunlight!!!! Mom is wearing sunglasses but look at the baby squinting!


179 days ago


Whats really nasty is them allowing their dog to lick the baby in its mouth. jesus people......

179 days ago


See the photo where 3 or 4 adults have sunglasses on. See in this same photo the baby is cradled in the Mom's arms FACING THE SUNLIGHT WITH NOTHING ON TO PROTECT THE BABY'S EYES?????????

Ummm the baby is not one of these accessory pooches.

The baby is a human and a new born is not to be in the sunlight like this.

PROTECT the baby's skin and eyes!

Selfish adults.

179 days ago


Ugh! Put your dogs on the ground and let them walk and get exercise, it is so annoying when people hold their dogs when the dogs should be walking!

179 days ago


What kind of idiot does not put a sun hat on a tiny infant?

179 days ago
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