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Straight Guy Sues

Over Alleged Gay Bashing

2/25/2014 8:22 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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A gay-bashing supervisor at "CSI" tormented a crew member with homophobic slurs and crude drawings of penises ... because he THOUGHT the worker was a homosexual ... according to a new lawsuit.

Donald Perdue -- a set painter on the show -- claims his supervisor, Jeremiah Redclay, engaged in a 5-year campaign of brutal harassment ... calling him "fa***t" and "c***sucker" and hanging "sexually disgusting" drawings of gay sex at Perdue's workstation.

In his lawsuit, Perdue -- who claims he's straight -- says the harassment started when he heard Redclay refer to certain actors on the show as "d***suckers" ... and he asked Redclay to stop. 

And this is weird ... Perdue claims Redclay lunged toward his genitals on one occasion and when Perdue pushed him away he claims Redclay responded, "Come on Mucho, you know you want it."

Perdue claims Redclay retaliated by making him a laughingstock at work ... which he endured for 5 years before leaving the show on a medical leave.

Perdue says he's the victim of discrimination ... simply because his boss THOUGHT he was gay.

Perdue is suing CBS, and Redclay for unspecified damages.


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5 years on a network show and theres no IMDB link to even prove he worked on-set..there is a STRONG disdain for harrasment on-set and surely this issue wouldve been addressed....smells like a shakedown!!

206 days ago


So now, the defendant will be expected to prove he didn't do something. How the hell do you do that? Unless you have a big collection of dick pictures from this guy, you don't have a case. That's the way it should be.

206 days ago

Sioux City Boy    

I am surprised at some of the strange posts in this thread. Set Painting is NOT a well paid job, but for some it will keep the rent paid and food on the table. For others it can lead to greater opportunities in the industry. Many people will stay at a bad job simply hoping for an advancement in the future. Dependent upon the cir***stances it may or may not be a "union" job. Most straight or gay workers in any workplace could care less about the sexual orientation of their co-workers. The supervisor, if the story and complaint are correct, is the one at fault, not the abused employee .

For What It's Worth: there is one actor on the show that has been known to show up for interviews and such with his male companion. Usually the companion stays in the dressing room, or at least well off-stage, during the interview.

206 days ago


5 years of bashing..just now speaking out...mmmm

206 days ago


I would let it go on also, keep talking... If it did happen I hope gets 20M or more.

206 days ago


This guy making these claims is full of **** everyone in our business knows him, he is a tweeker looking for a pay day and more guilty than anyone out there of being inappropriate in the work place.... I have worked on that show in that department and saw it first hand.. The accused paint boss is a good hard working guy with a family and it's to bad this jack ass is getting any attention.. And for the dumb a$:/&? that is saying set painting is a low paying job yer trippen, it's a very good job and well paying...

206 days ago


Really dude you let it go on for 5 years and now all of a sudden you want to sue bye you should've done that when it first happened.

206 days ago


The accser is a full on wierdo. He is a lazy man looking for a quick payday. I have worked on this show. I know the paint boss to be a kind family man. The accuser on the other hand is shady as hell. Table dancer...

206 days ago


Sounds fishy to me

206 days ago


How odd! CSI has always had one of the gayest casts around....

Eric Szmanda(Greg), Jorja Fox(Sara), George Eads(Nick... even though he denies it, everybody knows it), the technician that played Archie, etc.

Someone just needs to put a boot up that producer's ass.

206 days ago


Typical response from Hollywood, do as i say not as I do. I wonder how many little girls and little boys have been raped by Hollywood insiders and have done nothing because it would cost them their jobs. However Hollywood continues to reward these rapist with awards and big money contracts so that they can continue thier ways ith little or no consequences. Look at Woody Allen, how many years has Hollywood been protected him.

206 days ago


he should have gone travon on his ass. travon whooped zimmrmans ass cause he though zimmerman was a guy dude folowwing him. oh yeah, that didnt end to well for travon though.

206 days ago


I worked with that jerk painter Don Purdue on Crossing Jordan but he got fired . He would show everyone pictures of girls (& guys) he picked up, roofied and took advantage of at a warehouse he rented. He threatened a lawsuit so we had to bring him back! He is the low life kind of person that would plan this type of thing. It's a shame his boss played into his game since its just another of his bulls**t lawsuits. Hope no one hires this guy. We learned the hardway he was trouble.

206 days ago


I heard the two of them got caught having sex in one of their trucks and then again in the bathroom. This comes from someone who knows them both. I bet they are both trying to blame the other for their homosexual indiscretions and shame. Sad.

206 days ago

Common Sense    

Here is Don Perdue. Judge for yourself. 50 year old man dancing on table.

206 days ago
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