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Kim Kardashian

Viennese 'Blackface' Guy Apologizes

I'm Not a Racist!!!

2/28/2014 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The weirdo who came up to Kim Kardashian in blackface at the Vienna Opera Ball -- pretending to be Kanye West -- now claims the entire encounter was a misunderstanding ... insisting he's NOT a racist ... and didn't mean to offend her.

Chris Stephan -- a stand-up comedian in Austria -- just posted the apology on his Facebook, saying he's "incredibly sorry" things unfolded the way they did. He says he's of Arab descent himself, and never intended to be racist.

As we reported, Kim stormed out of the fancy pants ball yesterday after Stephan came up to her in black face make-up, acting like Kanye.

Kim was paid $500,000 to be the guest of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner at the event. Lugner later said Kim was a crappy date.



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en Todo Momento!!    

i'm just saying.. if he had taped his eyes asian, and was all like: ching chang chong, that would be racist. but nope. it's not racist, because 'blacks are just too sensitive' and take things too seriously (sarcasm). sure, we get it, when people say: it's not racist', they mean: i was not trying to be racially offensive, but just funny. black skin makes black people easier targets, simply because collectively, it stands out above every or most other racial features. i mean when you are simply 'mocking' some other race, your two options are pretty much making slant eyes, and coloring your skin black (or putting on an afro wig). there is not really much left. when's the last time someone wore 'blue contact lenses and a blonde wig' to 'make someone laugh about them'? i mean i don't know how the black people in australia responded to this dude, but i can imagine, if you have dark skin or are african, it is pretty offensive. i could be wrong tho.

214 days ago


The old guy thought he was going to get some putty for that 500k.

213 days ago


So wait - she stormed out of the ball twice? Once for this, once for the comedian asking her to dance? She was auite busy storming out, the bimbo!

213 days ago


How can you (as a white guy) pretend to be Kanye without changing your skin colour? Blackfacing comes from a time when all back people in the US were slaves. So if you blackfaced yourself, you made fun of those slaves. Today it is a different story. Even the president is black and of course, if a white guy for whatever reason wants to dress as Obama, he also has to paint his face brown. That has nothing to do with racism.

213 days ago


I don't see how him being Arab justifies his behavior (not that I care.) If I said "I am a White person myself," I don't think I'd get much sympathy.

193 days ago


Now Vienna is showing her ugly face, some racist European countries are like a BIG south, they are only missing the KKK suits and burning crosses, such an idiotic thing asking forgiveness after the unforgiving "incident"
. No more Vienna on my traveling plans!

184 days ago

jack wayne    

500k for a date? now shes an escort?

125 days ago


I love how Americans want to bring their prejudices, norms and history and apply it to Europe. Because something is derogatory, demeaning and meant to be insulting in America doesn't mean the rest of the world rides that train.Black face isn't meant as disrespectful outside of English speaking countries. I mean really. How do you dress up as Kanye, being white, without making himself black? It's so very sad that an American would find it offensive when an Austrian would say, when can we expect, Nïggers in Vienna, when Kanye himself proclaims, Nïggers in Paris. Those terms don't mean the same thing here as they do there. Putting your own norms on others outside your own country is more insulting than the perceived offense.

78 days ago
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