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Kim Kardashian

Viennese 'Blackface' Guy Apologizes

I'm Not a Racist!!!

2/28/2014 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The weirdo who came up to Kim Kardashian in blackface at the Vienna Opera Ball -- pretending to be Kanye West -- now claims the entire encounter was a misunderstanding ... insisting he's NOT a racist ... and didn't mean to offend her.

Chris Stephan -- a stand-up comedian in Austria -- just posted the apology on his Facebook, saying he's "incredibly sorry" things unfolded the way they did. He says he's of Arab descent himself, and never intended to be racist.

As we reported, Kim stormed out of the fancy pants ball yesterday after Stephan came up to her in black face make-up, acting like Kanye.

Kim was paid $500,000 to be the guest of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner at the event. Lugner later said Kim was a crappy date.



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Your S&M Girlfriend    

HA!! I love the picture of her and the odd looking old guy. He looks like he just zipped up from a hummer and is bragging about it, and she looks like she still has the taste of him in her mouth. We all know that she'll blow just about anyone. Didn't Kanye say she was his blow job queen?

239 days ago


The wh*re should be arrested. She is a pig and a terrible role model for young women.
-Sham marriage
-knocked up by trash
-baby out of wedlock
-Still prostituting even though she has a daughter
- awful awful awful.

239 days ago


Not only a crappy date, Kim is also a really bad LAY.

239 days ago


TMZ ? Why are you calling this guy a WEIRDO just for doing his job.
He is not so weird to have apologized, USA does not understand European customs such as the Vienna Ball where there are performance artists present, your ignorant staff resorts to childish name calling . I am sure he was not trying to emulate West(whom is a weirdo!) but Lardassian saw black makeup and pulled the race card out.

239 days ago


I don't think he's a racist I think it was a joke that went left .

239 days ago


And you guys have it wrong don't blame Kanye for pimping her out that's her momagers job she's the blame

239 days ago


So why didn't this rich old fool just hire an ultra dirty whhore if he wanted a whhore? Oh, I forgot, that's what he thought he was buying. KK, there is no low level of shame in her book.

239 days ago

bring back recent posts    

That Chris guy looks like a clown, oh wait, he IS imitating Kanyawn. Got it.

239 days ago


Is she an escort?

239 days ago


the Whoretrashian Klan must've instructed TMZ to push two "down" buttons for every "up" button. that's what's happening to me... time to bail. KIM IS A WHORE. period. I expect a lot of "down" hits. pffft

239 days ago


Kris called in the TMZ's assassins to start the racism rant they are famous for to get back at the Old Fool for calling Kim out for welching on their deal.....He paid her 500.00 to be his "escort" and she started to immediately not doing what she was paid to do....Not doing the press conference ...part of the deal....going off to film for her show instead of doing the publicity he had scheduled....etc.....Yes he was pissed and I just bet he let her know he was by the look on her face as they entered the ball ......and I also know Kris and Kim never intended to stay at the ball any longer then it took to take photos and film a few scenes for her show then she " got insulted and walked out" ....
Idiot Old Fool got Conned and used by the Kobra Queen of Hollywood and her Princess of Piss......
So Rant away TMZ after all thats what the Kobra Queen is paying you for.....!

239 days ago


Don' t prostitutes het paid to "date"......just sayin'

239 days ago

Shai Love    

...are we honestly surprised she was a "crappy date"? It's Kim Kardashian...she's a crappy human being.

239 days ago


Kim is probably hired this person to crash the party to keep Kanye and herself in the media news.

239 days ago


Another example of Kim selling herself. This time she is being paraded around on the arm of an old rich guy. Kim hears $500,000 and she jumps where, I'll do it. Momanger Kris must be so proud that her daughter is no different than an escort. She did screw for money, don't you forget how she got famous in the first place her sex video that made her millions. All I can say is Whore!

239 days ago
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